Tired of
Manual Testing?

Welcome to Provar!

Provar helps you navigate the (ever-changing) Salesforce landscape with a code-free, point-and-click automated testing solution. With Provar, you can accurately test more scenarios that truly cover the user’s entire end-to-end workflow throughout your entire DevOps process. 

(And, you don’t have to be a Java genius to use it.)


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Why Provar?

Do I have to be a programming expert to use Provar?


How does Provar work?

Magic. Well, actually Provar is installed on your computer and connected to your Salesforce instance. It syncs your Salesforce metadata so you can build maintainable tests, avoiding reliance on elements that can change in different Salesforce environments like field IDs.

Can you use Provar to test end-to-end workflows e.g. things outside of Salesforce?

Yup. Provar can be connected to other systems and supports any web testing. We also support email testing (Gmail, MS Exchange), database testing (Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL), messaging (Websphere MQ) and web services (REST, SOAP).

Can you create tests in a sandbox and run them in a different environment?

Absolutely. Provar avoids using environment-specific information wherever possible (e.g. field IDs as field locators). If you have details that need to change based on the environment, such as a connection to another test system, you can store these centrally. After that you can just select the environment you want to run the test in and Provar will do the rest.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, free trials are available. We normally get involved with trial setup as it involves some one-off setup tasks. This just involves pre-configuring your environment connections and configuring a sample test-case. Contact us to get started.

Challenges We Solve.

Provar Eliminates test breakage related to Salesforce releases, deployments and changes
Provar Supports testing earlier in the agile development process with seamless integration with leading CI/CD solutions and Salesforce release management tools.
Provar Simplifies the complexity of testing with cloud environment platforms such as SauceLabs, Perfecto, BrowserStack and AWS Device Farm
Provar Solves for manual testing headaches like resource constraints, endless scenarios, evolving browser and device configurations.

DevOps easier than ever.

Silos are out. Collaboration is in. That’s why we designed Provar to help teams build, test, and release software faster and more reliably with teams in mind. With Provar, you can seamlessly integrate software development and IT operations and bring testing earlier (and everywhere) throughout the DevOps lifecycle. With Provar, you can test as quickly as you build.

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