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Download a sample chapter from Beginning Salesforce DX, by Ivan Harris, CTO at Provar

How can organizations and users develop Salesforce custom applications in a more agile, collaborative, and resilient way with Salesforce Developer Experience (DX)? How can Salesforce DX support pro-code developers? And, how does Salesforce DX allow shift-left testing, improve quality, and reduce costs?

All these questions and more are answered in Beginning Salesforce DX: Versatile and Resilient Salesforce Application Development, by Ivan Harris, Chief Technology Officer at Provar.

Harris’s practical guide provides guidance for all roles involved in Salesforce application development, allowing users, leaders, and organizations to make the most of the sophisticated tools and processes available in Salesforce Developer Experience (DX).

Beginning Salesforce DX provides development teams with how-to examples in Salesforce DX that go beyond the basic Salesforce documentation. Commands and their parameters are described, including any gotchas, and the outcome of the commands on a Salesforce org is explained. teaches users how to use the Salesforce Command Line Interface (CLI) to simplify working with projects, metadata, data, and orgs.

In Beginning Salesforce DX, readers can learn:

  • How to set up a Salesforce DX development environment
  • Understand the key Salesforce DX concepts and the Salesforce CLI
  • Work with Dev Hubs, projects, orgs, metadate, and version control systems
  • Bootstrap pro-code development with template
  • Improve quality with test users and test data
  • Apply Salesforce DX to an end-to-end package develop project

Beginning Salesforce DX is an excellent resource for internal teams working to develop custom Salesforce applications for individual customers and for commercial use through the Salesforce AppExchange enterprise marketplaces. Users including capability leaders, architects, consultants, and business analysts can also benefit from the practical knowledge found in Beginning Salesforce DX.

Download a sample chapter of Beginning Salesforce DX:

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