Continuous integration in the insurance industry

Published by Stephanie Sargent, November 15, 2019
Case Studies

Company overview

The client is a Fortune 300 insurance company, headquartered in the US and with an annual revenue of over 12 billion dollars.

The company has a sophisticated Salesforce Service Cloud implementation and are also customers of Vlocity. Vlocity is a Fortune Cloud 100 company leading industry cloud app adoption on Salesforce and driving digital transformation for the world’s leading brands. The company uses Vlocity OmniScript™ to craft dynamic customer interactions without code, guide users through service processes with fast, personalized responses and and deploy to multiple channels and devices.


The team

Cognizant is a global Salesforce partner with a successful track record in planning and delivering complex projects. They put strong emphasis on certification

of their consultants, bringing innovation and deep cross industry domain expertise to our projects. They also offer a culture of strong governance and project management in order to drive business success for each of our customers.

Provar Testing is the only code-free, integrated automation testing tool for Salesforce. A unique proposition in the Salesforce marketplace, Provar has gained a strong foothold within Salesforce’s Enterprise customer base. 


The challenge

Manual testing was a burden for this company. With over 2000 test scenarios needing to be covered around their case management processes and some complex Visualforce pages, testing was time-consuming and resource-heavy.

A large part of the company’s testing challenge was around their Console application, SRM (Service Request Management). This was a sophisticated application offering multiple tabs, as well as an advanced footer component offering options such as Search Agent and Create New Service Request. These presented some challenges to test, owing to the need to control navigation between multiple primary, secondary, new and existing tabs, as well as the custom console components, which demanded some advanced iFrame management.In addition, the company was looking for a tool that could offer reusable functionality, such as callable tests, the ability to run test cases across multiple different profiles, and for test data to be data driven from Excel.The company came to Cognizant and Provar to see whether an integrated test automation solution could fill the gap.


The solution

The client engaged Cognizant and Provar to work together on a new test strategy using Provar’s test automation tool for Salesforce.

Provar is a no-code test automation tool. Because Provar is tightly integrated with Salesforce, it provides a more efficient way to implement automation, intelligently locating Salesforce fields, objects and other key metadata. Minor changes to an environment become easier to accommodate, reducing maintenance effort and increasing scalability. Through Salesforce integration, it is also possible to run the same test cases against multiple profiles, making it easy to scale up testing.With Provar’s point-and-click test building, Cognizant were able to build test cases quickly and simply. The test cases were humanly readable and easy to understand, making it faster for the business to validate scenarios.Provar was also able to tackle the complex technical aspects of the company’s Console application, which required the ability to navigate several open tabs, and support for custom console components, including a console footer. Switching between different frames and screens can be a stumbling block for other tools but is handled automatically by Provar, without input needed from the user.Using Provar, Cognizant completed 185 test cases in the first 10 days, averaging 7 test cases per user per day. (Note: Test case velocity is dependent on the complexity of the test cases being delivered.)


The results

Ultimately, the company was able to significantly reduce their Salesforce regression testing time and effort thanks to Cognizant and Provar’s test automation solution.

They were also able to realise a significant higher test coverage than before with a smaller number of functional SMEs.In addition, the client has the flexibility of running the same test cases across multiple environments, and user profiles, giving an extraordinary degree of transparency and coverage to their regression testing.The company runs up to 400 test cases nightly through continuous integration, and over the course of a week they cycle through 2000 different test cases. This includes coverage of the same test cases across 4 different user profiles, helping to ensure thorough testing for each user type. These nightly runs deliver a comprehensive report in PDF of the test cases run, with granular insights into successes and failures of each test case and test step.


Technical details 

  • TEST BUILDER: Using Provar’s point-and-click Test Builder tool, you can build your tests step by step in the browser and make edits as you go. This makes test case creation and debugging fast and easy.
  • DRAG AND DROP API’S: Provar lets you drag and drop API test steps into any test to create and assert test data. Provar offers Create, Read (including SOQL), Update and Delete, as well as automated test data teardown.
  • DATA DRIVEN TESTING:Provar enables data driven testing from an Excel file or a database using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • MAINTAINABLE LOCATORS: Provar is tightly integrated to Salesforce metadata, meaning that field locators are suggested automatically and can be amended easily. Locators can be used across environments with minimal updates
  • NO CODE: Provar works code-free and is easy for non-developers to use, making it easier than ever to train testers and maintaining tests.
  • TESTING WITH MULTIPLE USERS AND PROFILES:Provar lets you run the same test as multiple users without needing to create multiple tests. This helps increase coverage while reducing maintenance
  • SALESFORCE SUPPORT: Provar has inbuilt support for standard page layouts, recognising and mapping fields automatically. It also has advanced Visualforce support via its PageObjects concept, meaning that minor amendments to the Visualforce page do not break tests.
  • MAINTAINABILITY: Provar is integrated toSalesforce’s metadata, meaning that field locators can be suggested automatically. Changes to cosmetic elements such as page layouts no longer cause unexpected breakages, meaning that maintenance time and effort is reduced. Test cases can also be made callable by other tests, which increases >usability and stability of the test suite.
  • ON-SCREEN NAVIGATION: Provar’s ‘On Screen’ functionality takes the user directly to the relevant object screen, removing the need for login and additional screen navigations, and speeding up the automation process.
  • EMBEDDED FRAMES AND TABLES: Provar supports the testing of embedded frames, nested frames and tables. The automation of testing these elements can be complex and laborious in many standard tools. Using Provar, these can be handled automatically in a single step, with the complexity hidden from the user.
  • SUPPORT FOR RELATED LISTS: Provar has inbuilt support for dynamic related lists and list screens, making it easy to search and locate elements.
  • FRAME SWITCHING: Switching between frames and screens can be a stumbling block for other tools but is handed automatically by Provar.
  • COVERAGE AND REUSABILITY: The company was also pleased to note an increase in test case reusability and increased test coverage for both positive and negative scenarios.

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