Reducing test effort for pharmaceuticals

Published by Stephanie Sargent, November 15, 2019
Case Studies

Company overview

This multinational pharmaceutical company is a customer of Salesforce through Veeva CRM, a specialized CRM solution for the life sciences industry, built on Salesforce’s platform. They also use Content Management System OrchestraCMS, which is integrated with Salesforce applications and data. They came to Provar to improve their Salesforce test automation capability.

The challenge

Regression testing is a crucial part of every release. This consumes vast resources at this company due to the level of manual testing required each time: in just 2014, they completed a total of 54 releases.

The company had a vision to reduce manual testing effort through a Salesforce test automation solution, but they struggled to find the right option. After spending time and money building a Salesforce test automation regression suite using other automation tools such as Selenium® and QTP®, they still hadn’t found an optimized or scalable solution. There was also a maintenance cost to unintegrated tools: every minor change in workflow had to be reflected in external scripts. The process was time-consuming and expensive and was delaying releases.

They came to Provar to see whether an integrated Salesforce test automation tool could fill the gap.

The solution

Provar is an end-to-end Salesforce test automation tool, designed especially for Salesforce. Because Provar is tightly integrated with Salesforce, it provides a more efficient way to implement Salesforce test automation. Minor environment changes to an environment become easier to accommodate, taking away the pain of maintenance and the difficulty of scaling.

Using Provar, the company was able to get up and running in a short period of time. They ran 20 days of workshops, targeting 15 complex scenarios which covered all the areas of workflow. In the time given, they found that two complete beginners were able to create more than 20 scripts – this was a larger number than expected, and also included time to learn using the tool!

The company found that Provar handles testing Veeva and OrchestraCMS very efficiently, and that it required far less effort to implement than other tools. Provar also gives the ability to execute the same set of automation scripts on multiple environments, which offered significant efficiency savings.

The results

For this company, implementing Provar not only helped reduce testing time and effort, but it also helped increase test coverage of different permutations. Today, they have a greater confidence in each release, knowing that the risk of release has been greatly reduced with an integrated Salesforce test automation tool.

Technical solution

S-Control Support

Veeva uses s-controls, an older technology that has been superseded by Visualforce. Provar’s integrated solution handles these easily, unlike traditional tools where they proved difficult to manage.

Environment management

Provar maintains its own algorithm for calculating Visualforce locators independently of the environment. This makes it easy to run scripts across multiple environments and with multiple users.

On-Screen navigation

Provar’s ‘On Screen’ functionality takes the user directly to the relevant object screen, removing the need for login and additional screen navigations, and speeding up the automation process.

Embedded frames and tables

Veeva and OrchestraCMS both involve the use of embedded frames, nested frames and tables. The automation of testing these elements is complex and laborious in many standard tools. Using Provar, these could be handled automatically in a single step, and the complexity hidden from the user.

Support for related lists

Veeva uses related lists and other dynamic list screens which other tools struggled to handle. Provar has inbuilt support for dynamic related lists and list screens, making it easy to search and locate elements.

Frame switching

Veeva involves switching between frames and screens, which can be a stumbling block for other tools but is handed automatically by Provar.

Tab management

OrchestraCMS manages screens based on tabs (Task, Content etc.). Each Tab defines a frame, whose index or locator is dynamic, and each frame further contains nested frames and tables inside it, making it extremely complex to automate. Provar has inbuilt support for OrchestraCMS, allowing direct navigation to Tab home screens to speed automation. Provar also populates and handles tabs automatically, supporting navigation between different tabs quickly and automatically, and hiding the complexity from the user.

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