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Published by Stephanie Sargent, November 15, 2019
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Tes Global is a digital education company using a Salesforce CRM for education. With over 8 million registered users, Tes is home to the largest online community of teachers, providing breaking news about education every day.

Tes also delivers resources for teachers and helps find teachers for schools.

Salesforce is a major business system for Tes. The team is on an ambitious delivery schedule, enhancing applications to keep up with new features and requests. But for a lean team, facing busy timelines, it was difficult for QA to keep up with demand.

Amanda Beard-Neilson, Applications Change Manager at Tes, says, “Often the team would have to bundle in and do the tests themselves. QA was starting to become a blocker to delivery.”

That’s when Tes came to Provar.

How Provar Test Automation Tool helped Tes Global?

Using Provar’s test automation tool for Salesforce, Tes started to build up a suite of tests to run their regression testing automaticallyAmanda explains, “Provar can help us to create a whole suite of tests for regression. It means that every time we build new functionality, we can run this suite of tests, and then we can see what exactly is failing against any new pieces we’re putting in. It allows us to concentrate on the new functionality and not have to worry about the old.”

Using Provar’s Quickstart package, Tes worked with a dedicated Provar resource to help them build out a prioritized list of scenarios. The Quickstart package got us up and running very quickly, and we were then able to build more tests ourselves”, says Amanda. “Altogether we’ve now got over 100 different tests ready for regression. Testing those 100 scenarios manually in Salesforce CRM for Education would take QA around 4 days. Those are the things now that we don’t have to worry about.”

As well as running their tests automatically, Provar also helped Tes to set up nightly scheduling for their test suite, using continuous integration technologyBecause it’s integrated, we get an email each night telling us what’s passed or failed across the test suite, which saves us a lot of time. In the morning we only investigate the ones that haven’t come through correctly.”

We get an email telling us what’s passed or failed across the test suite. In the morning we only investigate the ones that haven’t come through correctly.” With these tests set up, Tes can work faster without needing to increase the size of the team.

Amanda says, “I have a part-time QA resource, and it’s because of Provar that I’m able to continue using that resource and not have to expand. The automated testing means I can run the regression tests and still concentrate on the new functionality, without worrying about resources.”

We can now continuously deliver and keep to our timescales for the sprints that we run, knowing that the QA’s not going to be a blocker anymore.

And how was the team’s experience using the tool?

Amanda says, “Provar is a specialist Salesforce tool, and it allows us to build up the tests very easily. There’s no coding involved. You don’t have to be an expert in Java to be able to create these tests. It’s very simple in that respect. It means that you can get quickly get something done.

We can now keep to our timescales for the sprints that we run in Salesforce CRM for Education, knowing that the QA’s not going to be a blocker anymore.

So how would Amanda sum up the experience of working with Provar? Working with the Provar team has been great. They have been on hand for any query we might have and they’re quick to respond. My team who actually uses the tool on a day-to-day basis has a great relationship with them.”

The beauty of working with a tool like Provar is that it can actually help you develop and continuously deliver functionality. It actually makes you more agile when it comes to that delivery function.

If you’re serious about Salesforce, I think Provar is a tool you should consider. And I would definitely recommend it.

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