How ENGIE Energie is accelerating innovation and expanding accessibility for renewable and clean energy in the Netherlands with Provar and ProvarDX™

Published by Stephanie Sargent, October 7, 2020
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ENGIE + Provar Snapshot

Customer: ENGIE Energie Nederland 


Industry: Utilities & energy

Number of Salesforce users: 100+

QA team size: Two full-time team members

Scope of systems tested with Provar: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Vlocity and integrations with third-party applications including SAP CRM and various web portals

Provar tests: 50+ test cases running in a DevOps pipeline and 100+ regression tests

Provar test case environments: Scratch orgs, an integration sandbox and an acceptance sandbox

“Provar and ProvarDX™ have enabled us to accelerate our DevOps process and maintain a high quality standard for our Salesforce implementation.”

Teun Usleeber, Senior Test Consultant at ENGIE Energie

Introduction: about ENGIE

ENGIE is a services and energy company that takes the lead in sustainable change. 

Based in the Netherlands, ENGIE consists of ENGIE Services, the market leader in technical services, and ENGIE Energie. With innovative technical solutions, integrated sustainable area development, energy-efficient smart building solutions, and a reliable generation and supply of green energy (wind and solar energy, TES, green gas, geothermal energy and hydrogen), ENGIE responds responsibly to social developments and current themes within work and living environments.

The technology: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Vlocity and integrations with third-party applications including SAP CRM and various web portals

ENGIE Energie is a major player in green recovery, playing a vital role in delivering renewable and clean energy solutions and services for millions throughout Europe. ENGIE Energie invests in its people, infrastructure and technology as part of its ongoing commitment to improving the lives of people within the communities they serve.

Like many leading companies, ENGIE Energie leverages Salesforce (Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud) and other Salesforce-native applications such as Vlocity to support their mission and customer relationship management strategy. ENGIE Energie regularly customizes those platforms to optimize workflows for internal team members and to integrate with other third-party applications in order to support their strategic business goals. 

The challenge: manual regression and user story testing wasn’t scalable and slowed aggressive DevOps timeframes 

While software customization is necessary, it does introduce risk. 

Initially, the QA team implemented a manual approach to regression and user story testing in order to ensure that new and existing functionality worked as expected. As the ENGIE Energie team and their customer base grew exponentially, the team started to research other options to help them support this rapid pace of change. Using a DevOps methodology, they were challenged by the time-consuming nature of manual testing. This limited the scope of end-to-end testing scenarios that could be fully tested within the confines of their regular release schedule. 

One thing became clear. They needed a scalable solution for testing which would allow them to enhance their existing solutions in a timely manner while also protecting the security and reliability of Salesforce, Vlocity and connected business-critical applications.

The solution: Provar test automation

After a thorough vendor evaluation process ENGIE Energie selected and implemented Provar and has since experienced impressive results. ENGIE Energie has also been able to rapidly accelerate their regression and user story testing while also advancing the pace of innovation internally. 

Previously, running 100+ regression test cases manually would take four to five days. Using Provar, this same volume of testing can be accomplished in just two days, halving the time required. Much of that effort is also hands-off, meaning the QA team can focus on completing other valuable tasks during that time.

With the help of Provar, ENGIE Energie has also been able to set up a DevOps environment where every user story can be tested using a clean scratch org and a number of basic test cases can be run against it at build time. This strategic use of SalesforceDX and ProvarDX™ together makes the release cycle significantly more efficient and agile. 

ProvarDX™ is designed to help customers simplify the process of authoring and managing tests in conjunction with Salesforce DX, an integrated, end-to-end development ecosystem designed for high-performance agile software development. Using ProvarDX™ and Salesforce DX together, development teams can test releases in scratch orgs prior to them being deployed as part of a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) pipeline. By design, ProvarDX™ addresses the many challenges associated with testing multiple orgs that are temporary in nature throughout the entire release lifecycle. 

As a result of using Provar to automate their testing, ENGIE Energie has been able to accelerate their release schedule and, more importantly, support their culture of rapid innovation – providing clients both internally and externally with the solutions and services they need to be successful. 

ENGIE Energie’s experience using Provar: Teun Usleeber, Senior Test Consultant at ENGIE Energie

Teun Usleeber, Senior Test Consultant at ENGIE Energie, led the initiative internally to select and implement Provar at ENGIE Energie. With more than 18 years of experience in the information technology sector, Teun oversees a variety of initiatives at ENGIE Energie including the testing of ENGIE Android and iOS apps for Smart Meters showing the energy consumption of B2C customers, testing the EnSights portal showing the energy usage of B2B customers and test management for ENGIE Energie’s Salesforce platform enterprise-wide. 

“Provar is a very complete solution, it’s designed for use with Salesforce but goes beyond Salesforce as well. Through the UI connections, we are able to run test cases against web portals and the SAP UI as well. We are also able to test web service calls.”

Teun Usleeber, Senior Test Consultant at ENGIE Energie

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