How Salesforce ISV Nétive reduced Technical Debt with test automation

Published by Laura Ashley, May 26, 2021
Case Studies

Nétive and Provar Case Study

Customer: Nétive VMS focuses on creating software to support all aspects of recruitment, selection, engagement, and management of permanent and temporary workers.

Industry: Staffing

Number of Salesforce users: 50

QA team size: 3

Scope of systems tested with Provar: Salesforce customized by Nétive with components based on Visualforce, Lightning, and Community 

Current number of Provar tests: 104

Introduction: About Nétive VMS

Nétive delivers the market-leading Vendor Management System (VMS) platform within the Netherlands and currently serves more than 200 workforce management programs across 10 countries. 

Through an agile and component-based multi-tenant architecture, Nétive combines Vendor Management (VMS), Applicant Tracking (ATS), Statement of Work (SoW), and Freelancer Management (FMS) into one truly integrated solution, hosted within Salesforce. 

In addition, Nétive enables a compliant and ISO27001-accredited end-to-end management of Workforce Management programmes, in a commercially, strategically, and operationally efficient way. With a dedicated EMEA presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the U.K., Nétive brings nearly 20 years of experience in contingent workforce management.

About Nekst IT: Their Consulting Partner

Nekst IT is a leading provider of Salesforce test consulting services in Europe. They uniquely offer a deep understanding of Salesforce, which is why so many companies turn to Nekst IT for help optimizing and managing their Salesforce implementation throughout the entire process. Nekst IT is a Salesforce partner and has been a Provar consulting partner since 2017. To learn more about how Nekst IT can help your organization, get in touch today.

The Technology: Salesforce Customized by Nétive with Components based on Visualforce, Lightning, and Community

Nétive VMS uses highly customized components made with and based on Visualforce, Lightning, and Community. Provar is uniquely suited to testing both end-to-end and component-specific test cases.

The Challenge: Manual Regression Testing and a Custom-Built Testing Solution Slowed Release Schedules

As a leading Salesforce Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner that provides cloud-based workforce management solutions that companies leverage across the globe, Nétive has developed an aggressive release schedule designed to deliver enhanced functionality and help their customers succeed. 

Initially, Nétive relied on manual testing as part of their regression testing process. Like many before them, the inability to scale manual testing pushed them to build a custom test automation tool. The challenges associated with maintaining a custom tool that kept pace with Salesforce releases led them to research test automation built specifically for Salesforce. 

Before Provar, each release cycle required the collaborative effort of three full-time testers and an additional three developers over the course of 5 days.

The Solution: Perfectly Timed Test Coverage with Provar Tool

From the very beginning of using Provar, Nétive added the creation of Provar tests as a required deliverable during the development process, and the work was not considered complete without them. As a result, each new release is delivered with up-to-date automated tests built with Provar. 

With over 70 test cases supported with Provar automated tests, Nétive is able to run tests on a daily basis concurrently with development processes using Atlassian’s Bamboo continuous integration solution.

The Result: Reduction of their Technical Debt

It was draining for both testers and development teams alike to have a growing manual regression set from one release to the next. By including Provar in the development process from the very beginning, testing and quality assurance have kept pace with development. Even functionality that was already in place before implementing Provar is included as stories in the sprint so that it will be seamlessly covered in future releases.

The Surprise Win: Easy Switching Between Environments and Easy-to-View Test Results

We are working in a lot of different environments with different users. With Provar it is easy to switch between the environments. Also, the integration with Git makes it easy to switch branches and commit changes. And the object viewer is very powerful. You can select a record object and easily navigate to it, but it’s also very simple to check if the record is created the correct way.

The “Salesforce Test integration Package” for analysis and reporting has given us a lot of insights into test outcomes and performance and which test cases are brittle.

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