Life at Provar – a view from Provar’s India office

October 11, 2016


We are excited to welcome you to Provar’s first HR blog! This is another step which gives us a unique opportunity to talk more about life at Provar’s India office and other exciting things we do other than work.  If you’re wondering what you can expect from this blog, read on….

These blogs are one of the many initiatives Provar is taking as an organization to build an open platform where the Provar family can share their experiences and communicate with others about how it is to be a part of Provar.  Not just that, we’ll use this blog to share multimedia, such as videos, photo albums and more just so you know how exciting and fun it is to be working with Provar. You can also find out about upcoming opportunities right here, as well as on our Company page at the Open Vacancies section.

We look forward to exciting times ahead with you as we embark on this new journey. Thanks for stopping by!

Why work at Provar?

Firstly, thanks for reading on. So here’s the big question: why work with us? What is it that makes us different from other IT companies? Well, the biggest reason that makes us different is people who work for us. They are not just talented and good in what they do but they are passionate and have a desire to excel in their professional life. Also, they are fun as individuals and as contributors to a team.

At Provar, we also provide opportunities to its employees to learn new technologies and develop professionally because we know if they grow, we grow.

After all, the most important reason for our existence is our customers who believe in us and who expect us to deliver innovative solutions to serve them better. We believe that for a successful business a combined growth of its employees and the clients is essential. This is why our leadership team focuses on developing our people so that they can face every challenge and deliver excellent results for our customers.

Life at Provar.

Provar is not just a place where we work but a place where we have loads of fun too. A perfect balance between work and fun is the mantra of a happy life, and we try to implement the same at Provar. We have “Fun Fridays” every week, just to rejuvenate and end the week on a high. Then sometimes it’s time to get away from the usual surroundings, so we just pack our bags and escape from Near Capital Region for a weekend. When it comes to having fun there are no set rules, so if you have new ideas, let us know!

As I said in the beginning, this is our first HR blog about Provar’s India office, and we will have many more coming throughout our journey. So folks, don’t forget to check out this space for our experiences and achievements in future, and as always feel free to check out our Open Vacancies on our Company page.