March Product Update: Lightning Experience, Set Picklist Values by Index, Label Assertions

Published by Laura Ashley, March 30, 2018
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What are some new Provar features delivered this month that you might have missed?

Our engineering team is constantly working on new features and we regularly deliver new versions, but we wanted to provide a recap of the latest enhancements, summarizing the big and small things we delivered to improve your experience with Provar.

Read on for three handy new features delivered in March!

Lightning Support

What is it?

Lightning is the collection of tools and technologies behind a significant upgrade to the Salesforce platform. Salesforce’s new Lightning UI is designed for speed and mobile readiness. Currently each Salesforce release delivers new Lightning features and capabilities.

Why should I care?
Organizations are increasingly moving to the new Lightning UI. Whether you’re already using Lightning, or planning your upgrade path from Salesforce’s Classic UI, you’ll need testing that supports the new Salesforce features. Provar’s recent updates include support for Lightning Flexipages, Quick Actions and Quick Links. Learn more

(Testing inline edit inside an Account Summary component – click image to enlarge)

Setting Picklist Values by Index

What is it?
You can now select a picklist value by entering an index number, instead of specifying the exact value.

Why should I care?
This feature is useful for when you need to set a picklist value but don’t care about the value itself. If you choose an index number, Provar will select the corresponding value when it executes the test (e.g. ‘1’ becomes ‘Prospecting’). This will help to prevent test step failures even if picklist values are constantly changing. Learn more

(Setting a picklist using index value ‘2’ – click to enlarge)

Asserting Field Labels

What is it?
Provar now supports the assertion and extraction of field label values.

Why should I care?
Testers often have to test scenarios from the business which include requirements to check field labels. Even if these labels are often standard Salesforce labels and not user-defined, it can still sometimes be a requirement to check them. This new feature allows testers to verify that important field labels are displaying as expected. Learn more

(Asserting the Stage field label – click to enlarge)

Customers have access to all these features already. If you’re not a customer, get in touch to learn more about how your team could benefit from Provar’s test automation for Salesforce.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new features. Please share your thoughts on Twitter or drop us a line below!

Want to know more?

Since we published this blog, we’ve also recorded a webinar where we demo the new features mentioned in this blog as well as lots of others, including BDD, a new reporting app, Skuid support and more. Watch the What’s New Webinar recording now.

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