Provar & Salesforce Prerelease Business Scenario Testing (BST) Program: Invitation to Apply

Published by Stephanie Sargent, May 10, 2019
Product, Salesforce

Do you want to improve your company’s Salesforce release experience? Would you be interested in sharing your test scenarios with Salesforce to be included in their official release testing?

Provar is running a limited program with Salesforce to get our customers’ business scenarios run as part of Salesforce’s official release testing.

What are the program benefits?

This is a fantastic opportunity for Provar customers to engage directly with Prerelease Salesforce’s Business Scenario Testing (BST) program. By sharing your Provar test cases with Salesforce, you’ll increase your confidence in the reliability of Salesforce’s releases, participate in Salesforce’s major and patch testing, get earlier feedback on potential issues, and engage directly with Salesforce R&D for any issues identified.

Where can I learn more?

If you’re a Provar customer running your tests on Lightning and you’re interested in applying to join the Salesforce BST program, take a look at the information session video below to learn more.

In this session, Richard Clark from Provar and Heather Ouellette from the Salesforce Prerelease Business Scenario Testing (BST) program talk more about the program benefits and explain how you can apply.

Interested in applying?

Are you an existing Provar customer and interested in applying for the program? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and CC your Salesforce account rep. with answers to the following questions:

1. Do you meet the following eligibility criteria?

My organization is willing and able to sign the Salesforce BST legal agreement pending a review of the terms.

My organization has no barriers in sharing test cases or cloning a sandbox.

My organization is testing in Lightning.

My organization has resources available to implement and maintain our BST test cases.

My organization’s Provar Connections are publicly visible to Salesforce.

My organization has a preview sandbox with test data only, preferably a DevPro, for Salesforce to clone.

I am happy for you to share my contact details with Salesforce.

Yes, I meet this criteria. No, I do not meet this criteria.

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