Syn·er·gy - Applitools Eyes and Provar

Published by Alexander Sherwood, October 14, 2021

Learn how to gain early access to our upcoming integration with Applitool Eyes.

Provar will be adding an integration with Applitools Eyes in the very near future. Applitools is a next generation test automation platform powered by visual AI. Their expertise is in visual validation – comparing snapshots of a UI to identify application defects. To be fair, that’s a substantial oversimplification of what Applitools delivers. The real magic is delivered in the form of visual AI, which makes their test automation simpler, faster, very efficient, and very scalable. Who could ask for more?

Want to skip ahead to the good stuff?

If you’re a Provar user who already knows about Applitools, and are interested in early access, complete a brief form at our announcement to be considered as a beta user. If you want to learn a bit more before signing up, read on.

Why is this good news for Provar users?

When it comes to delivering unbreakable, polymorphic tests, intuitive, end-to-end testing, Provar is easily the leading test automation tool for Salesforce. Our new integration with Applitools Eyes makes it very easy for users to add industry leading visual testing capability to an exceptional test automation solution. 

Why do you need visual validation?

Let’s look at the following two screenshots: the one on the right appears to be missing the login fields. Why? The field fill color and font color have matched the background color of the form and as a result, the username and password fields have seemingly disappeared.

This is a classic case of where visual validation can identify defects that will not be discovered with a functional test automation tool. Provar doesn’t look for fonts or fill colors, and the fields are still on the page so  these changes would not cause a Provar test to fail, even though invisible login fields are definitely defects. That’s the beauty of Provar’s integration with Applitools Eyes – an easy and significant extension of Provar’s capabilities for our users.

In addition, the expansion of development in Salesforce’s industry and experience clouds along with the combinations of platforms, layouts, and form factors for each of those clouds is going to dramatically increase the total number of tests required to maintain application quality. Visual validation with AI is going to be a very important part of your Salesforce test automation scaling efforts.

What are the version 1.0 plans details of our integration with Applitools Eyes?

  • Configure Provar connection to Applitools Eyes
  • Drag and drop an Applitools test step from the Provar Test Palette (in Provar Studio)
  • From this test step, execute a screen capture and send it to Applitools for visual validation
    • 1st screen capture is a baseline for comparison
    • Following screen captures are compared to baseline for pass, fail, unresolved
  • After test execution, Applitools Eyes test results are delivered to the Provar test log, including a link to detailed test results stored in Applitools Eyes

How do I sign up?

Complete the form below to sign-up to be considered for our Provar Applitools Integration Early Access Program. If approved, we’ll contact you when the EA release becomes available and work with you to set up a test. Please reach out to your Provar Account Manager or Success Manager for any additional questions.

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