The latest advancements in Provar’s point-and-click Test Builder

Published by Stephanie Sargent, February 12, 2020

Earlier this year we officially launched Provar 2.0 which marked an exciting evolution for Provar. Why is that? This version introduced a whole host of enhancements designed to amplify the testing automation capabilities of the Provar Test Builder. 

Provar’s Test Builder is one of Provar’s unique benefits. It allows for rapid test creation using an intuitive point-and-click interface. Using the Test Builder, you can quickly create and debug tests in the browser, simultaneously adding and executing steps to get immediate feedback.

As the result of the new features introduced with Provar 2.0, you can use Test Builder even more efficiently to rapidly set up and configure tests in just a few clicks. If you’d like to learn more about all of these recent improvements to Provar, take a look at the Version 2.0.3 Spring ’20 release notes found here

Below includes a high-level overview of some of the key Test Builder updates that we’re really excited to share!

The top 3 Test Builder updates in Provar 2.0  

(1) More test types available in Test Builder. 

We’ve added a Test Palette to the Test Builder so that you can add several more common test steps from within the Test Builder, making it faster than ever to build tests in the browser..

By clicking the Test Palette icon at the top of the Test Builder, many of the most commonly used test steps (listed below) will appear at the bottom of Test Builder.

You can add the following test steps while using the Test Builder to build tests more quickly and easily. 

  • Control: Assert, Break, Fail Test, Finally, For Each, Group Steps, If, Set Values, Sleep, Switch, Wait For, While.
  • Design: Actual Result, And, But, Design Step, Given, Then, When.
  • UI: Add a Table Mapping, Handle a Browser Alert, UI Navigate.
  • Utility: List Compare, Match, Replace, Split.

Above: View of Test Palette options within Test Builder.

(2) Easily access custom APIs within the Test Builder.

Custom test steps are a way to extend the standard features of Provar by writing your own logic in the form of an API and invoking it easily across all test cases. For example, you can create a custom API to trigger an External ANT task from a test case. 

You can now access custom test APIs directly within the Test Builder by opening the Test Palette and clicking My Test APIs. 

(Tip: You will only see the My Test APIs icon if you have already created a custom API via Provar Desktop.)

(3) Customize your Test Builder experience with the addition of light and dark themes.

Provar 2.0 brings a new Provar UI and light and dark themes. We added these in order to make it easier to use Provar in different lighting conditions and to contrast with other desktop applications as needed.

You can now switch between light and dark modes by clicking the Settings icon within Test Builder.

Please note that light and dark modes for Provar Desktop and the Test Builder work independently of each other, allowing you to apply one mode in Provar Desktop and another in Test Builder, or the same in each.


Above: View of Dark Theme option within Test Builder.

Discover how Provar’s test automation platform can help you test as quickly as you build!

Want to learn more about these and other capabilities of the Provar test automation suite? Take a look at our recent webinar for an overview of Provar’s full feature set and unique benefits. 

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