Provar Community Stories - Meet Geraint Waters, Provar CEO

Published by Laura Ashley, April 6, 2021
Provar Community Stories
Meet Geraint Waters, the Provar CEO

Who’s Who in the Provar Community

Ever wonder who is Geraint Waters and how Provar got its start? What were the founders thinking when they created Provar? (Wait, that came out wrong.) What inspired them to create a test automation solution specifically for Salesforce

In this new video series, we’re sitting down with employees, partners, customers, and other members of the extended Provar family to get to know them both professionally and personally. We ask all of the burning questions that you’ve been thinking about… Is TestOps a real thing? Ham sandwich, with butter or without? (TBH, I’m a little scared of team “pro-butter” but that deserves its blog entirely.)

To kick off this series I talked to our CEO, Geraint Waters (a.k.a. “G”), to learn more about how Provar began and where we’re headed next! Curious about how Provar grew from just a seed of an idea over a few beers to the leading test automation solution for Salesforce worldwide in just a few years?

Watch This Short Video About Our CEO

To learn more about how Provar started and where it is headed, watch this interview with CEO “G”.

Provar Community Stories – Meet Geraint Waters, Provar CEO

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