Watch Provar win the #1 spot at the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam! (And learn how Provar works in < 3 minutes)

Published by Stephanie Sargent, April 22, 2020
Product, Salesforce

We were fortunate to be invited by Salesforce to take part in their AppExchange Demo Jam for Admin Apps. The rules were simple but the stakes were high. Who could earn bragging rights for the best 3-minute demo in an epic match-up among some of the leading Salesforce AppExchange partners?

Even though we faced some tough competition, the Provar team ended up taking home the grand prize. (We’d like to take a moment to send a virtual high-five and thank you to everyone who voted!) 

This week, it put a big smile on our face thinking about this event and our goals to attend even more in the future. And while awards certainly are nice, more than anything, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate all of the hard work that all of our employees have put into Provar to build an award-winning product. (We’re kind of really proud of our team.)

In the meantime, if you have three minutes to spare and would like to learn a bit more about how Provar works, you can watch a replay of the event here! (Just a quick note, this link will take you to the beginning of Provar’s demo. You can also watch the entire event here too.)

It’s also worth mentioning that in this quick video, you can get a sneak peek into Provar’s test results package. This is a free app on the AppExchange with a set of preconfigured reports and dashboards, helping you visualize historic results for your test runs including time taken, pass/fail messages and results for different browsers and environments. These test runs can also be integrated easily with popular release management tools, such as AutoRABIT and Flosum, who showed off their own great solutions during the Demo Jam.

Thanks again to the Salesforce AppExchange for the invite to participate!

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