Single Sign-On FAQs

March 03, 2017

This month Provar is launching a Single Sign-On service for customers. Read our FAQs below to find out what this means for you.

What does my single sign-on account give me access to?

You’ll be able to access all Provar support features using your single sign-on account. This includes the Service Desk to raise support tickets, Downloads to browse and download new versions, and the Provar Product Roadmap to see what the development team has planned. We’re also putting our release notes online so you can see them all in one place.

How do I get started?

If you’re a Provar customer, you’ll soon receive an email containing your new Provar account details. Follow the instructions in the email to set your password for the first time.

After you’ve done this, go to the Support page to access all your support features.

If you don’t receive an email by Friday 7th July, and you think you should have an account, get in touch.

How do I log in?

Log in by visiting the Support page.

If you don’t see your user details under User Profile, this means you’re not yet logged in. Click the ‘Log In’ link:

Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see an updated Support page with your user details under User Profile:

You can also access Service Desk, Roadmap or Downloads by clicking the links on the respective panels.

My login details aren’t working.

Get in touch with us at

I can’t access the link provided in the new account email because the content is blocked.

It may be that Provar’s Service Desk URL is being blocked by your organization’s firewall. You should raise this with your Network/IT team and ask them to allow * from your network. Try the link again once the URL has been added in the firewall.

My password reset link has expired.

Get in touch with us at and we will send you a new password email.

What if I already use Provar’s Service Desk?

If you already have a Service Desk account, please discard your old account details and start using your new Provar account as soon as you receive your new account details. Old logins will be retired once the switchover to Single-Sign On is complete. (Don’t worry, you’ll raise tickets in the same way as before, and you’ll still have access to any tickets you raised previously.)

Can I use the old Service Desk login page that I have bookmarked?

No. The old Service Desk login page will not work with your new single sign-on account. We recommend removing this page from any bookmarks and bookmarking the Provar Support page instead.

What if I use Provar’s in-tool Service Desk feature to raise cases from within Provar. Can I still use this feature?

We’re currently making updates to this feature to make it compatible with single sign-on. For now, you can keep using the feature by leaving your old (pre-SSO) account details in the Service Desk Configuration.