Provar's new website is now live: read all about it!

Published by Hetty Boardman-Weston, September 17, 2020
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Welcome to Provar’s new website!

We’re delighted to launch our new website platform to springboard the next phase of Provar’s development. We hope you’ll take a minute to look around and enjoy all our new content.

I’m evaluating Provar. What’s new on the site?

If you’re considering whether Provar could be a good fit for your team, make sure you browse through our feature pages on Provar’s capabilities such as the Test Builder experience and end to end testing. Why not also take a look at our Key Applications page which goes into detail about Provar’s support for Sales Cloud testing, Service Cloud testing, Salesforce CPQ, Field Service and many more?

Another great new section of the site is our Salesforce Community Stories where we spotlight Provar reviews and stories from the community. Recent spotlights include Trailblazer Scott Luikart from Whole Foods, Rob Arnell’s review of Provar on QAForce, and stories from MVPs such as Amanda Beard-Neilson and Keir Bowden about the positive impact Provar has had on their Salesforce deliveries.

Finally, we’ve got lots of valuable new content about Provar’s measurable benefits and ROI. Take a look at the Provar ROI page for some recent stats, or browse our customer case studies for more in-depth information on recent implementations.

We’ve also got some great stats on moving to Provar from manual testing and switching to Provar from Selenium. Finally, if you’re curious about Provar’s competitive advantages, take a look at our what makes us different page.

I’m a Provar customer. What changes do I need to be aware of?

If you’re a current Provar user, you will notice a few changes with the new site.

The key change to be aware of is that our help library has moved location. All our help content can now be found under /documentation on the Resources menu (previously it was under /support). This will be clear if you are navigating our website normally, but if you have any existing page bookmarks then you may need to refresh them.

Another key navigation change is that the Provar Success Community can now be found on the website secondary navigation (the black bar at the top) under Support. Clicking Support will take you to the login page. You can also bookmark, as this link is unchanged.

Please note if you had previously bookmarked for our Documentation library, this will now take you to our Community login page, so watch out!

The final change you’ll notice as a Provar user is that the Assistant view in Provar Desktop has had a bit of a facelift (see below). Don’t worry, it’s still the same content, providing an in-tool Documentation search and quick link panels below.

What do you think?

We hope you’ll love our new website platform and enjoy all our new content areas. If you have any feedback or questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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