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Provar is the market-leading Salesforce testing solution. As a Salesforce-first solution, Provar’s mission is to support companies who have built their mission-critical apps on Salesforce. Provar is at the forefront of Salesforce DevOps, proven to enable agile delivery and has supported some of the largest and most complex Salesforce projects across the globe. Learn more at

Logos and Usage

The primary full-color logo features the cog symbol and the wordmark in a fixed relationship that should never be altered. We prefer that our logo includes the Provar tagline unless the space given is less than 1.5 inches. 

The Provar logo should sit within a text and image free zone. This can be worked out by drawing a box from the widest point to the widest point and increasing the scale by an additional 25%. The Provar logo should not appear any smaller than 25mm wide.

The logo uses three colors and is used on predominately white or light-colored backgrounds. 

If a light background is not available then we grant permission to use our three color white alternative. 

If the background doesn’t present enough contrast (such as a red, pink, orange background) then we grant permission to use our 1 color white alternative.

Marks and Illustrations

In a few cases, Provar uses just the cog logomark to represent us. Typically this is when space is limited or there is a circle image area. See example, on the right of an instance where just the logomark is used.


Provar embraces a modern font like Quicksand that is widely available for free. We feel the modern and progressive typeface reflects that of an industry-leading company such as Provar.

Our Secondary font is Source Serif Pro a clean, neutral Serif font that can be used for long paragraphs or teaching material from Provar. 

Color Palette

Pale Blue


RBG: 214, 236, 241

CYMYK: 15, 1, 4, 0

Light blue


RGB: 148,208,214

CMYK: 40, 0, 16, 0

Pelorus Blue


RBG: 59, 163, 186

CYMYK: 72, 18, 22, 0

Pale Pink


RBG: 250, 210, 227

CYMYK: 0, 22, 0, 0

Light Pink


RBG: 242, 154, 193

CYMYK: 0, 50, 0, 0

Fuchsia Pink


RBG: 234, 10, 140

CYMYK: 1, 99, 0, 0

Pale Grey


RBG: 229, 229, 229

CYMYK: 9,6,7,0

Medium Grey


RBG: 160, 160, 160

CYMYK: 38,31,32,0

Slate Grey


RBG: 91, 91, 91

CYMYK: 62, 54, 53, 27

Social Media

Provar leads the conversation around Test Automation for Salesforce and proudly uplifts the community surrounding QA testing. 




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