The answer to gaining a strategic advantage in today’s low-code development world? Declarative testing.

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“Declarative Testing: A Strategic Edge in a Low-Code World”

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This whitepaper covers:

  • The suitability of declarative testing for improving the state of low-code test automation
  • How to reduce business risk using declarative testing
  • Specific ways organizations can gain a strategic advantage in a low-code world using declarative testing’s many benefits
  • What makes one declarative testing approach better than another, such as those that prioritize ease of adoption, a short learning curve, and improved time to productivity
  • How Provar Automation’s declarative testing capabilities deliver productivity for citizen testers and test engineers, and handle maintenance by ensuring test compatibility across Salesforce releases

Low-code development is big and getting bigger.

Its numerous benefits include quickly delivering digital transformation and democratizing development for people without information technology backgrounds (i.e., “citizen developers”).

However, if low-code platforms like Salesforce are not coupled with a strong testing strategy to mitigate risk, then all benefits gained are for naught. Declarative testing enables low-code development by ensuring speedy results and an improved customer experience. This low-code test automation solution, built on the same concept as low-code development itself, makes it easier to create more tests faster and expands the talent pool by democratizing testing.

A testing solution should support customers wherever they are on their journey, regardless of what their definition of quality is, and declarative testing directly addresses this by lowering the entry barrier and providing more visibility and confidence across the full organization.

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