Deep Salesforce Support

Provar has full, in-depth support for all your Salesforce features. We stay current and aligned with deep Salesforce support so you can focus on driving business innovation.
Provar lets you test features that other solutions can't

High coverage

Provar lets you test features that other solutions can’t, with in-depth support across Salesforce features and clouds.

Same testing in Classic or Lightning

Classic and Lightning

Provar lets you run the same test in Classic or Lightning. If you’re still planning your upgrade to Lightning, use your Provar tests to help assess your organization’s readiness.

Provar customers collaborate with Salesforce to run their test multiple times

Early Access

In Salesforce’s Business Scenario Testing (BST) program, Provar customers collaborate with Salesforce to run their tests against new releases before they become available to the public.

Provar works directly with Salesforce to develop support for emerging features

Give us the hard stuff

Provar works directly with Salesforce to develop support for emerging features that are hard to test currently. If you’re interested in Lightning Web Components, mobile testing, Salesforce DX, or anything else, we’d be happy to chat.

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And there’s more

Extendable and customizable

Internationalization support
Provar supports testing in a number of languages in addition to English and is unique in allowing tests to be re-used across languages. This has been very popular with our European and global customers.
Multi-role and profile driven testing
Easily test under any role or profile. With Provar you can run the same test under multiple different user permissions using direct logins or Provar’s login-as capability.
Console testing
Provar has full support for Salesforce Console behavior, handling frame switching automatically, moving between tabs at the click of a button and closing existing tabs automatically before starting a test run to start from a steady state.
Provar Community Quote: Ramarao K
“As a user, I can strongly suggest Provar for Salesforce automation testing. Unlike other test automation tools, maintenance of scripts is very minimal. Also, we no longer need to worry about new Salesforce releases as it is aligned to Salesforce roadmap.”
Provar Community Quote: Jeff Kallenbach
“I would recommend any Salesforce professional to look at the benefits of an Automated Test tool, make sure it is fit for purpose, geared towards Salesforce and gets regular updates in line with Salesforce releases. Ask for a demo just like I did – it won’t hurt and I’m sure you will be as impressed as me and my client was! I will be recommending Provar to my future clients.”
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“Provar is setting the standard for Salesforce test automation. With Provar we reduced our test effort by 75% after just 3 months.”

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