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Provar is designed to help teams build, test, and release software faster and more reliably with Salesforce DevOps in mind. We’ve partnered with the leading CI/CD vendors and Salesforce release management providers to give you maximum flexibility.
salesforce devops can run test anywhere

Run anywhere

Run tests anywhere with our support for ANT, Docker, SauceLabs, BrowserStack, Perfecto, Selenium Grid, and Salesforce DX.

provar provides continuous integration in DevOps

Continuous Integration

Provar supports numerous Continuous Integration solutions and services, including Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, GitLab, Travis CI, TeamCity, Bitbucket, and Heroku.

Provar lets you integrate test projects with your favorite version control solution

Version Control

Provar lets you integrate your test project with your favorite Version Control solution, be it Git, Subversion, TFS, Perforce, or TeamCity.

Provar supports team collaboration in DevOps


Provar supports the use of multiple versions and branches, enabling straightforward team collaboration.

Get real results with Provar

Explore integrations

Integrate testing throughout your DevOps cycle

Test design
Provar supports integration with popular test design software such as Jira, Micro Focus and Zephyr.
Salesforce release management apps
Provar integrates with the market leading Salesforce deployment solutions so you can integrate tests with your existing delivery processes.
CI/CD vendors
Provar supports local server and cloud execution via ANT, Docker, or Salesforce CLI task.
Remote execution environments
Provar lets you run tests through remote execution environments to give maximum flexibility.
Result reporting
Provar lets you post results back to Slack, Salesforce and anything else you can access via a Web Service endpoint.
Salesforce DX
Salesforce DX is Salesforce’s integrated, end-to-end development ecosystem designed for high-performance agile software development. ProvarDX helps you test releases in Salesforce DX scratch orgs prior to them being deployed.
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“Our test cases are in GitLab, and we move them up through the branches in the same pace as we move Salesforce changes, in this way we can test the different versions of Salesforce functionality as we move it up through our Orgs. All our test cases are user and Org agnostic, and we supply the Org and Salesforce user as parameters.”
Provar Community Quote: Ramarao K
“THE BEST tool for Salesforce automation testing. It is very easy to configure with CICD tools, in our case Copado.”
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“We’ve set up daily automation jobs running on Jenkins using Provar’s integration capabilities. By integrating Slack into the Jenkins jobs we get all the automation runs reported to a Slack channel, including pass or fail details. This keeps devs, admins and testers informed of progress.”

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