Installing Oracle drivers

This support article explains how to add Oracle drivers to your test project when the following message is shown in Provar.

The same message can also appear in the Oracle connection browser and in test run logs.

Step 1: Download the Oracle JDBC driver.

Step 2: Open the following website in your web browser:

Step 3: Choose the Oracle version you will be connecting to and then download the ojdbc8.jar file as shown.

Image showing how to choose the Oracle version to connect and downloading it

Step 4: Copy the driver into your test project’s lib folder. Open your test project in Provar and create a lib folder if required.

Image showing how to create a lib folder during the installation of Oracle drivers

Step 5: Copy the downloaded ojdbc8.jar file and paste it into the lib folder.

Step 6: Restart Provar and test the connection.

Step 7: Choose Restart from the File menu and then test your Oracle connection via the Test Settings view.

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