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OrchestraCMS by Stantive is a content management system (CMS) built on Salesforce.

OrchestraCMS has is a multi-frame UI with complex and variant side panels and tabs. These elements can be difficult for traditional automation tools to identify and locate reliably. With Provar, metadata integration to Salesforce gives an easier way to identify and map UI elements, making OrchestraCMS testing easier to set up and simpler to maintain.


OrchestraCMS API testing

Provar downloads object metadata and stores it locally, so that this information available in metadata while identifying fields. This provides visibility of the data and allows testers to create and modify test data.

Using Provar’s Org Browser, test data can be created quickly via the Create API. This is ideal for creating seed data for a deterministic test case.

OrchestraCMS UI testing

Provar has a robust method for mapping OrchestraCMS UI fields, using a special By Orchestra CMS Label locator option. Various examples are given below to illustrate its use.


Testing OrchestraCMS text fields

OrchestraCMS text fields are recognized using a By Orchestra CMS Label locator, along with the Visualforce page on which the field is configured:

OrchestraCMS Frames

Provar’s Test Builder recognizes and manages the Orchestra page frames automatically:

OrchestraCMS tabs

Provar offers a simple way to manage tabs that gets mapped by default.

In addition, Provar’s field locators easily determine the field type. The example below shows a Link Text field type being located automatically. All the tester need to is click Add and Do to include this step in the Test Case:

Non-Orchestra tabs

Provar recognizes non-Orchestra tabs automatically and categorizes them as Not an Orchestra tab.

Provar also provides alternative locator types, such as By ID, XPath and others:

Orchestra buttons

Provar determines tab types and field types automatically. The example below shows a non-Orchestra tab where a Finish button is located By Label as a Button value type:

Tab Switching

Provar accommodates switching between tabs and for activities happening in different locations. This is done by simply defining the Tab Name and the Interaction Type to be executed:

CK Rich Text Editor

Finally, Provar provides support for OrchestraCMS’s frame-embedded CK editor, with Set and Assert interaction types.

Interested to know more about OrchestraCMS testing with Provar? Get in touch today for a full demo.

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