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Provar supports the use of a relative license path for ANT as well as an absolute path. This aids in running Provar within cloud based Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment tools where the full file specification isn’t always static, and also if you have a mix of environments (e.g. MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux) sharing the same Provar build.xml file.

This page provides more information around Provar’s license processing. Refer to ANT Task Parameters and Running Provar on Linux for more information.

Provar ANT build.xml license path

Within a Provar Build.xml the Run-Test-Case task includes an optional attribute for licensePath. The information below relates to the different ways in which you can specify the licensePath to suit running Provar ANT tasks.

Specified license path

The license path can be a folder or an exact file path.

If it is a file, then it is used as it is. Note that the file must be a properties file (name and value pairs) and in the format expected by Provar.

The following includes an example of the information provided in a properties file.

#Thu Jul 05 15:52:26 IST 2018

If it is a folder, Provar will iterate over all the files contained within, check for property files and attempt to use the first active license found.

Note: It is recommended to clean out inactive or expired Provar license key files to slightly speed up your ANT execution.

License path resolution

  • If an absolute path (e.g. D:/Users/Provar/.licenses, /user/provar/serverkeys)
    • return the same path
  • If a relative (e.g. ../serverkeys)
    • check under the Provar home location for the custom license path or ‘.licenses’ as default; (this is the change in 1.9.4)
      • If found, use it
    • Check under userhome/Provar for the custom license path or ‘.licenses’ as default; (for the existing customers who had it in userhome)
      • If found, use it
      • Otherwise it will be as derived from the above step

The Provar tool itself should not be affected by this and should always use the UserHome/Provar/.licenses folder.

ANT logs should show up the final file path and show the appropriate error message.


  • No LicensePath attribute set
    • .licenses folder under Provar Home or UserHome/Provar should be found
  • License Path set as C:/Provar_Licenses
    • This is an absolute path and this folder is searched to find the properties file and the first active license
  • License Path set as C:/Provar_Licenses/
    • This is a file path. It should be in expected format by Provar and read for the active license
  • License Path set as ../Provar_Licenses
    • This is a relative path and should be found in either ProvarHome folder or UserHome folder.
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