Configuration for sending emails via the Provar Command Line Interface (CLI)

If you would like to use Provar to send emails via the Command Line Interface (CLI), you need to first complete the email configuration on your machine. The following includes instructions for completing this configuration. 

It’s important to note that during this set up process, you should not rename the configuration file within the .smtp folder. Provar will specifically look for a file named smtp1.config. If this file is renamed to anything else, the following error will result in your build: 

No proper SMTP properties found to send an email

Getting started

Step 1: You can start the email configuration process by right-clicking on any test case in Provar – then select Run under ANT.

This will prompt the following menu: 

Step 2: Uncheck Start ANT execution before clicking Run. This will save the build.xml file but a build will not be triggered locally. Optionally, you can check Start ANT execution if you want to test the ANT job locally first.

Step 3: From here, select the Email tab and in the bottom right select Email Configuration.

 Step 4: Fill in the relevant fields on the Email Configuration page. 

Note: Do not use your email address or any other personal email account. 

The email you set here will be the From address when emails are sent following the ANT execution. It is best to set up an email specifically for this purpose to avoid any confusion and security issues. Starting with Provar 2.1.0 and in subsequent releases, SMTP configuration files are now encrypted when they are generated. 

Step 5: Select Test connection before continuing. An example configuration is shown below along with the successful test connection.

Step 6: Once you have saved this configuration, you can fill in the email fields on the previous screen when you select Email the Test Run report. You have the option to attach a PDF and a HTML zipped report as well to your email. Please refer to our Reporting article for more information on these options.

Step 7: Click Run once you are ready to save this build.xml file that contains your email properties.

The configuration for your SMTP (set in the Email Configuration settings) will be saved to the USER_HOME/Provar/.smtp directory on your machine. Copy the .smtp folder here to the test project home directory (the folder container for the .testproject file). If you are using source control to track your changes for your Provar tests, include the .smtp folder in your tracked changes. 

Do not rename the configuration file within the .smtp folder. Provar will specifically look for a file named smtp1.config. If this file is renamed to anything else, the following error will result in your build: 

No proper SMTP properties found to send an email.

Note: You do not have to copy the SMTP folder to the test project directory, however, that is the example shown here. If you don’t want to track this folder in source control, you can copy the folder directory to the server itself. Just remember the absolute path of the SMTP folder on the server, as you will need to set it in the build.xml below.

Options for configuring the environment to allow the Provar CLI to send emails

You must configure the environment using either of these options if you plan to run your Provar tests via the CLI on another machine (a machine without a full Provar installation).

Option A: Copying SMTP configuration to the PROVAR_HOME directory

Step 1: Once you have copied your .smtp folder to your test project directory, you can set up your CI task to copy/move this folder and its contents to the PROVAR_HOME directory. You can do so with the following command (where $WORKSPACE=/path/to/.testproject and PROVAR_HOME=/path/to/ant_lib/folders):

If the .smtp folder is present in the PROVAR_HOME directory on the machine being used to execute the tests, Provar will recognize the configuration file and be able to send emails as part of the CLI. Below is an example of what your PROVAR_HOME directory should look like on the machine being used to execute the Provar tests.

Option B: Add the SMTP path to the ANT build file 

Step 1: You can add the SMTP path to the build.xml file for Provar to send emails using this configuration via the Provar CLI. You should have included your .smtp folder in the tracked changes, and the folder should reside in the test project directory (the directory containing the .testproject).

Step 2: In order to implement this functionality, the following property must be added to the build.xml used to execute the ANT task.

The following assumes your ANT task is executed in the ${testproject.home} directory and that your ${testproject.home} directory is not relative, but set to the same directory that contains your .testproject file.

<Run-Test-Case provarHome=”${provar.home}”



Step 3: Once the line has been added and your .smtp folder has been added to your tracked changes in your source control, you can check in the build.xml and SMTP folder.

If you opted to not track your .smtp folder in source control, simply check in your build.xml file with the relevant changes.

Step 4: You can now queue your job on the continuous integration tool you are using to run your Provar tests.

The following should be displayed in the build log, and you should see an email sent to the users specified in your build.xml once the build is complete:

Image showing messages displayed in the build log showing that email has been sent

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