Remote Trigger in GitHub Actions

You can use a webhook event called repository_dispatch when you want to run the workflow from any external applications. Please refer Repository Dispatch Event for more information. 

A repository dispatch is an HTTP request to your repository asking GitHub to trigger the workflow remotely.

Steps to trigger remote workflows in GitHub Actions

Step 1: Generate a new token.

Click on the AvatarSettings > Developer Settings > Personal access tokens.

Click Generate new token.

In the Note field, provide the token name. In Select scopes, select the check box for scope as per the requirement. Click Generate Token. This will generate an authentication token. Copy it.

Step 2: Add a trigger for “On” key.

You need to add a trigger for the “On” key so that the workflow will accept repository dispatches. Mention specific event types that will trigger the workflow.

You must POST the request to to trigger workflows that are set up to accept the dispatch. The payload of a repository dispatch is given below.

    "event_type": "my_event_type"

Accept:  application/vnd.github.everest-preview+json
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {{personal_access_token}}

For example, let’s see how we can trigger the workflow via Provar

1. Create a Rest Web  Service Connection.

2. Create a test case with the connection created above and drag and drop Web Request(REST) method from the Test Palette to the test case.

3. Configure the Resource URL, Request Header, Method, Body Style and Body as given below.

4. Give a bearer token which is the personal access token generated in the repository.

Step 3: See the workflow triggered.

Run the test case. You will get a 204 No Content Response. You can see the workflow triggered under actions.

Review Provar on G2
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