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Provar is an end-to-end test automation solution designed especially for Salesforce.

Provar comes as software that you install on a PC or Mac, with a Chrome application that lets you build Test Cases in the browser. These are known respectively as Provar desktop and Provar Test Builder.

Provar is designed to be usable by developers and non-developers alike. It creates humanly readable test cases that can be understood by your whole QA team and its stakeholders.

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Salesforce specialists

Provar works by accessing the metadata in your Salesforce org. This helps you to build maintainable tests because it avoids using elements that can change in different Salesforce environments, such as field IDs. Provar also validates tests against metadata so that it can alert you to any errors that have arisen from metadata changes.

Provar supports the testing of a wide range of Salesforce functionality, including validation rules, triggers and permission sets. Its metadata integration also makes it able to test certain areas which have traditionally been difficult to automate, such as Communities, Consoles, complex Visualforce pages, Single Sign On and the new Lightning UI.

UI and API testing

An automated testing suite which solely relies upon UI testing is be difficult to maintain and slow to execute. For this reason Provar also provides drag-and-drop API testing to create and assert your Salesforce object data. It supports all field types, including picklists, making it easy to test with valid data.

Provar can also understand and test Salesforce UI pages without the need for creating and maintaining mapping files.

No coding required

Provar’s unique in-browser Test Builder allows the creation and debugging of test cases from within Salesforce using point-and-click methods. It requires no coding skill to use, which saves time and improves readability for all. Debugging and environment management can also be handled using drag-and-drop functionality in Provar’s desktop version.

Provar also best practices such as modularity, readability and abstraction to reduce test maintenance. It also supports Data-Driven testing using Database or Excel integrations. Provar’s in-built APIs also assist in the automation of repetitive tasks such as loading large volumes of data or completing migration tasks.

Enterprise ready

Provar supports end-to-end testing including integrations, such as Databases, Messaging systems, Webservices and Email. It is also possible to trigger execution of your full regression pack from your Continuous Integration tool of choice, to receive results in HTML, PDF or Excel, including screenshots.

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