Version 2.7.2

Executive summary

We’re happy to announce the latest updates to Provar with the release of version 2.7.2. The latest release of Provar version 2.7.2 is now available in the Provar Success Portal. In general, this release comes with performance and security enhancements and provides greater stability. This 2.7.2 release is an optional release however we strongly recommend updating is beneficial.

2.7.2 at a glance:

  • Chrome 103 and 104 compatibility, keeping you up-to-date with the latest versions for Chrome for test authoring and execution.
  • Enhanced custom template support.
  • Supported use of environment variables in OAuth 2.0 JWT connections.
  • Provar has certified and now fully supports Windows 11.
  • Improved performance for encrypted connections. Contact Provar success team for more information.

Access world-class customer support at the Provar Success Portal

Providing ongoing support is a part of our promise to help you deliver robust, scalable and repeatable testing to achieve release agility, drive down system errors and get the maximum return on your Salesforce investment. If you have any questions regarding 2.7.2, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to help. To raise a case, simply log on to the Provar Success Portal and click View/Raise Case

Useful Information

For Full Install, we recommend first uninstall the current version of Provar and delete the .configuration folder; then install version 2.7.2 and start with a new workspace. If you come across any unexpected issues then please contact us at Provar Success Portal and our team will be happy to help.

What’s next in Provar?

Wondering about what to look forward to in Provar? Here is a quick insight of what’s next. 

  1. Test Manager Integration – Provar will support Test Manager integration in the upcoming releases. Test Manager, our latest offering from Provar, is a testing life cycle management application that leverages the Salesforce platform to provide a flexible and robust environment that provides a holistic view of all QA activities, whether you’re undertaking manual, unit, integration or automated functional test activities on any application, on any platform. You can start using Test Manager right now. With this forthcoming release your automation test cases will be synchronized and results can be viewed alongside your unit tests, coverage reports and manual testing.
  2. Additional support for Custom templates Provar’s enhanced support for Lightning Custom templates in the upcoming releases is listed below: Lightning Custom templates in the upcoming releases are listed below: 
    • Related Record Detail
    • Rich Text
    • Activity Timeline
    • Guided Actions
    • Custom Aura
    • Custom LWC
    • Visualforce

          Stay tuned!


Chrome 103 and 104 compatibility

As part of our pre-release testing, we are happy to confirm that Chrome 103 and 104 are compatible with Provar version 2.7.2.

Who does this impact?

Provar customers who are currently using or would like to upgrade to Chrome 103 and 104

Why is this important?

Ensuring that ChromeDriver 103 is compatible with Provar version 2.7.2 eliminates the risk of incompatibility issues which can prevent Provar from working as expected.

How can I use this feature?

If you would like to upgrade to Chrome 103 or 104 we recommend that you upgrade to Provar version 2.7.2, which will use ChromeDriver 103 out of the box.

In general, Provar will automatically attempt to download the correct ChromeDriver if it detects a driver exception. If your organization’s security protocols block the automatic download, you can override the ChromeDriver manually. 

To downgrade or revert the ChromeDriver you can refer to this support article that explains how to use a ChromeDriver that is different from the one provided by default in your Provar installation.

What are the browser and driver combinations that you recommend for Provar 2.7.2?

Please refer to the Browser and Driver Recommendations support article for a comprehensive guide.

Packaged ChromeDriver for 2.7.2

Provar version 2.7.2 is packaged with ChromeDriver 103.

Provar Desktop

Enhanced custom template support

Prior to 2.7.2, Provar used the Lightning Page Template to determine component location by page region. This worked well for pages using standard templates but had some limitations.

Above: Snapshot of Provar’s old approach.

Thanks to changes made by Salesforce this year we’re now able to use a static identifier to locate a component regardless of which page region it’s rendered under. 

Above: Snapshot of Provar’s new approach.

We have enhanced our custom template support as listed below:

Supported Components

    • Recent Items
    • Related Lists
    • Single Related List
    • Related Lists Quick Links
    • List View
    • Tabs
    • Accordion
    • Path Assistant
    • Standard Detail

Supported Templates

    • Record Pages
    • Home Pages
    • App Pages

For more information on Custom Templates, please refer Know more about Custom Templates

Password Masking

With this release, you can experience enhanced and improved security for password values and potential security risks have been removed. 

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