Assert Page Error Messages on Add/Edit Product

Provar supports the assertion of page error messages on the Add/Edit Product screen in Lightning.

You can assert error messages at the top level (next to the Cancel and Save buttons) and at the individual row level in the table.

You can assert page error messages by right-clicking on the message and selecting Add to Test Case, then setting the Interaction Type to Read/Assert.


Asserting top-level error messages

The Add/Edit Product screen can display multiple top-level errors, so Provar uses a Message List to store them.

When multiple errors occur, each error message appears as a bullet point in the top-level error message box next to the Cancel and Save buttons. Each row of this is added as a separate item in the Message List.

For example, the following error message has three rows:

When any of these rows is asserted, the following items are added to the Message List. Note that the header message Can’t save records with errors is also included:

You can assert any error in the error message box by mapping it in the usual way.

Here is an example test step asserting the Item 1 error message:

This appears in Provar Desktop as follows:

And the successful assertion appears in the Test Runner as highlighted:

You can follow the same approach for mapping the header message, the Item 2 or any other errors in the same box.

To map multiple error messages (for example, asserting that Item 1 and Item 2 both have a specific message), simply add another Page Assertion to the existing test step:

Asserting row-level error messages

Provar can also assert the error messages that appear against a specific row. To test these, simply map the error message in the usual way.

For example:

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