PDF Testing

There may be scenarios in which you need to download a PDF document and edit/assert text which it contains for PDF testing. This can be easily done in Provar using the Download interaction for links, which downloads the link’s destination in a value and parses/asserts it.

Download and Assert PDF Testing

Specify the following parameters:

  • Result Name: Stores the content of the downloaded document
  • Result Scope: Selects the scope of the result
  • Result Format: Indicates how Provar should the content

There are three ways in which the content of the document/PDF can be processed or tested.

Parsed PDF Testing

The content will be parsed by Provar, allowing the value to be updated by using Replace test step. The text content of word/PDF documents is made available for assertion also while doing PDF testing.

View of the content of the document that will be stored in OldContents - contentText.

Above: View of the content of the document that will be stored in OldContents->contentText.

Use MatchAPI to Assert Text

Image showing how to use MatchAPI to assert text while PDF testing


The content is parsed similar to above but stored as a simple text value. The value cannot be updated and re-uploaded. Text content available for only assertion.


The content will just be available as raw data. The value cannot be updated and re-uploaded.

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