Version 2.2.0 Winter ’21

Executive summary

The latest release of Provar version 2.2.0 is now available in the Provar Success Portal. In general, this release is designed to ensure compatibility with the Salesforce Winter ’21 release.

2.2.0 at a glance:

  • This release ensures compatibility with the Salesforce Winter ’21 release to keep your tests working as expected
  • We’ve made it easier to use Git. With Provar version 2.2.0, you no longer need to install the Git plugin.
  • Zephyr Cloud is now Generally Available (GA), Zephyr Server is still in beta
  • Provar version 2.2.0 includes several enhancements to Zephyr Cloud to give you more flexibility to create robust tests

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Why not join our upcoming webinar, What’s New in Winter ’21? In this webinar we’ll highlight the most impactful Winter ‘21 changes that you’ll need to be aware of, share the best of Provar’s latest features and give you a look into what’s coming next on the Provar roadmap. Register now to reserve your place.

For additional information about anything contained in these release notes, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Salesforce Critical Updates

Salesforce Critical Updates for 2.2.0

Salesforce periodically releases updates that improve the performance, logic, and usability of Salesforce, but these can affect your existing customizations.

To help keep you informed, we have created a list of Salesforce Release Updates that also includes our recommendations for testing those within your sandbox environments prior to enabling those features in order to minimize risk. Based on our internal analysis, we have assigned each update with a testing priority of high, medium or low.

We will update this support article prior to each major Salesforce release.

Salesforce Winter ’21 support

Winter ’21 general compatibility

Provar version 2.2.0 is compatible with the Salesforce Winter ’21 release. You can learn more about the release here.

As a Salesforce first test automation provider, we’ve been working closely with their Business Scenario Team (BST) in order to ensure that your regression tests remain stable even after new Salesforce features are added with major releases.

The following includes a list of Winter ’21 updates that Salesforce introduced that do not require any test maintenance on your part. Your existing Provar tests will continue to perform as expected.

Note: If you have created custom page objects related to items impacted by these updates, you may need to update existing Provar tests. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

Winter ’21 minor test maintenance

New error message for lookup fields

With Winter ’21, Salesforce made a slight change to the general error message when using lookup fields that may require test maintenance if you have this scenario in your test pack. As a result of this change, you will need to update existing tests (that interact with this validation) with the new error message in order to maintain existing tests.

Image showing a view of lookup error message prior to Winter 21

Above: View of lookup error message prior to Winter 21. 

Image showing a view of lookup error message with Winter 21 and onwards

Above: View of lookup error message with Winter 21 and onwards.


Git is enabled by default

We’ve made it easier to use Git, a version control system designed to simplify tracking changes throughout the software development process. With Provar version 2.2.0 and future releases, you no longer need to install the Git plugin. We’ve packaged this together with our installer files. As a result, the Provar plugin installer will no longer show Git as an option. You can still enable the Jira, TFS and SVN plugins as previously.

To learn more about using Git, you can reference the following support articles:

Zephyr Test Plan integration is now generally available

Support for integration with Zephyr Cloud is now generally available and we’ve added several enhancements to our Zephyr integration that allow you to:

  • Link and unlink Provar test cases and Zephyr tests
  • Remove a connection from a test project
  • Report test executions against Zephyr
  • Configure reporting
  • Upload and download test cases to Zephyr
  • Define Zephyr Cloud and Zephyr Server connection details

Please refer to Zephyr Cloud and Server for more information.


Chrome 85 compatibility

As part of our pre-release testing due diligence, we are happy to announce that Chrome 85 is compatible with Provar version 2.2.0. We have included Chrome 85 web drivers in the 2.2.0 distribution.

Who does this impact?

Provar customers who are currently using or would like to upgrade to Chrome 85.

Why is this important?

Ensuring that ChromeDriver 85 is compatible with Provar version 2.2.0 eliminates the risk of incompatibility issues which can prevent Provar from working as expected.

How can I use this feature?

If you would like to upgrade to Chrome 85 we recommend you upgrade to Provar version 2.2.0, which will use ChromeDriver 85 out of the box.

In general, Provar will automatically attempt to download the correct ChromeDriver if it detects a driver exception. If your organization’s security protocols block the automatic download, you can override the ChromeDriver manually.

To downgrade or revert the ChromeDriver you can refer to this support article that explains how to use a ChromeDriver that is different from the one provided by default in your Provar installation.

What are the browser and driver combinations that you recommend for Provar 2.2.0?

Please refer to the Browser and Driver Recommendations support article for a comprehensive guide.

ChromeDriver for 2.2.0

Provar version 2.2.0 is packaged with ChromeDriver 85.

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