Supported testing phases

Provar is an end-to-end testing tool, which can deliver automated test cases in the following testing phases:

Regression Testing: After a successful release, the important new features should have tests automated to prevent the latest features regressing in the next release. This is best achieved once the codebase has stabilized.

Healthcheck Testing: This is a particular type of end-to-end testing, which will select a small number of test cases to verify the connectivity of the test environment.

System Testing: During System Testing, new features are typically tested manually to verify the requirements. Once the functionality is verified, the scenarios are candidates for regression.

System Integration Testing: It is important to investigate how to test using all upstream and downstream applications to reduce risk on the project. If an important application is not included within the automation, these scenarios frequently return to manual testing.

Acceptance Testing: Running your end-to-end regression tests in the acceptance testing environment will reduce the manual effort for the users and testers during this phase.


Unsupported testing phases

The following phases are not supported by Provar:

Manual and Exploratory Testing: It is vital that manual test cases and exploratory testing continue to be used to verify releases.

Unit Testing: Unit testing is a developer function. Provar tests should not duplicate this coverage.

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