Installing Provar after upgrading to macOS Catalina

You may experience an issue when trying to run the Provar installer after upgrading to macOS Catalina. Specifically, you may encounter the following error message when attempting to install Provar. 

Provar_2.0.2.017_macos_signed.pkg can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information. 


Why am I experiencing this issue?

Apple introduced a new feature in macOS Catalina that prevents software (that has been downloaded from the internet) from running unless it has been approved by Apple. This security feature is designed to prevent users from accidentally downloading malware. 


What is Provar doing to fix this?

We are actively working to get the Provar installer approved by Apple. Until this issue is resolved, a manual workaround is required.


How can I use Provar in the meantime?

You can use the following steps to install the latest version of Provar.


Step 1: Download the Provar installer and note where the installer was downloaded on your computer. 

Step 2: Open up a terminal. This can be done by opening the Applications folder in the Finder. Open the Utilities folder and double-click the Terminal application.

Step 3: If the default download folder was used in step one, paste the following into Terminal. 

cd Downloads; xattr -d [Provar installer file]

Where [Provar installer file] = the exact name of the installer file you are using, for example: 

cd Downloads; xattr -d Provar_2.0.2.020_macos_signed.pkg

Please note, you will need to modify the command listed above if you downloaded the Provar installer files into a folder other than Downloads. Specifically, replace Downloads with the name of the folder where the Provar file is located.

Step 4: Paste the following command into Terminal to run the installer.

open [Provar installer file]

Where [Provar installer file] = the exact name of the installer file you are using, for example: 

open Provar_2.0.2.020_macos_signed.pkg


That’s it! You can then follow the standard steps to install Provar as normal.


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