Common install or update issues

Incorrect Provar installer file

If you are getting the following error when launching Provar after installing Provar:

This is because you have installed a 32 bit installer on a 64 bit Windows OS or vice-versa.  To resolve this, download and install a compatible version of Provar. If you are using 32 bit OS then execute the corresponding 32 bit Provar installer.  Similarly, for a 64 bit machine, download and install the corresponding 64 bit Provar installer. 


For 32 bit – Provar_setup_v1.x.x.xxx_win_32

For 64 bit – Provar_setup_v1.x.x.xxx_win_64


Incorrect installation directory

If Provar is not getting launched after running the Provar update installer and giving the following error.

This is because while updating Provar, you selected a directory where Provar is NOT previously installed.  To resolve this, check you existing Provar installation location and execute Provar update installer again selecting the correct Provar installation location.  Remember to delete the redundant Provar files installed.

Provar instance already running

If you get this error message when running the Provar update installer:

This is because your existing Provar application instance is running on your machine.  To resolve this, close/exit the currently running Provar application and re-launch the update.exe


ChromeDriver is running

If you get this error message when running the Provar update installer.

This is because a process instance of the Chromedriver is running on your machine. To resolve this, check by opening the task manager and look for the process chromedriver.exe. Close/End all such processes and run the Provar installer again.

Update issue: NSIS error

If you get this error message when installing Provar.

First double check that you have downloaded the correct installer and chosen the correct 32 bit or 64 bit version.

If you have the correct installer, next check whether your computer is running anti-virus software, and disable it before re-downloading the installer. This can resolve this type of error.

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