Automated End to End Testing

Provar lets you test your full business processes in Salesforce and beyond, combining both UI and API actions to deliver total end to end testing coverage.
UI and API Automated testing

API Testing

Provar enables support for multiple types of API. Provar can interact directly with RDBMS, MQ, SMTP, Web Services (SOAP & REST), or any HTTP custom protocol layer.

website end to end testing solution

Website Testing

Beyond Salesforce, Provar is a proven solution for automate end to end testing across all leading packaged applications.

Our solution provides intelligent locators capable of achieving maintainable tests for all your applications.

Beyond Salesforce

Support for these industry-leading technologies

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Oracle apps
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Microsoft Dynamics
Provar email integration testing

Email testing

Provar supports Gmail and Microsoft Exchange integrations for sending and receiving email messages via SMTP.

Provar supports the interrogation of SMTP header attributes along with asserting message content.

Custom test step types in Java with Provar's standard test pallete

Extendable for your needs

You can further extend Provar’s complete testing capabilities for any use case.

Developers can write their own custom test step types in Java and deploy them alongside Provar’s standard Test Palette.

White paper: End to end testing in the cloud

How can organizations apply the right automation strategies for their needs while staying on top of the challenges of testing cloud applications? Download Provar’s automate end to end testing white paper to find out.

And there’s more

Extendable and customizable

Web Services testing
Provar supports integration with external systems via Web Services, covering SOAP, REST and custom protocols over HTTP/HTTPS. You can use this for testing custom services deployed on Salelesforce 360 or any visible web service, whether part of an enterprise’s service architecture or a public API.
Database testing
Provar supports popular RDBMS solutions such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server and DB2, letting you perform CRUD, custom SQL or single step read/assert actions. Provar’s Database Browser lets you use data from a connected database as either a template or to populate literal values.
Looping and conditional flow
Provar lets you loop a sequence of test steps using For-Each or While. You can also control execution based on runtime conditions with options such as If and Switch statements.
“The advantage of API, query builder, and apex executions were really helpful to make our tests faster in the areas of Sprint automation (zero manual efforts on regression), smoke (part of CI), and test data creation.”
“We have 2 years of experience with Provar, using it for our test automation on Salesforce and for webservice testing. At first I was skeptical, but since we started the POC, we never looked back. They deliver a tool that actually is useable for both technical testers and manual testers.”
“Provar is pretty useful during releases and dry-run testing, as it can be set to work in multiple environments if configured properly. Also, it is quite good for data-driven testing, for instance, if you want to test data loads/migrations in a simple and effective way. You can leverage the spreadsheet (Excel, CSV, etc) OOO feature for reading and writing data. You can also take advantage of the database testing integrations.”

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