Join Provar at Automation Guild 2022

Event info. “2022 February 7-11”

Join Provar at AutomationGuild 2022!

Connect with our Salesforce continuous testing experts and your community at AutomationGuild. Provar is proud to be a sponsor of AutomationGuild, an online event taking place February 7-11. A community-driven event made for the testers…by the testers.

We are especially excited to support our customer, Mala Punyani, and her presentation, A Holistic Approach To Salesforce Test Automation. In this talk, Mala will share a holistic view of the challenges of traditional software testing in the complex Salesforce testing ecosystem and provide a roadmap for leaders to overcome implementation roadblocks in partnership with R&D teams. Session starts on Tuesday, February 8 at 12:30pm EST. Get your tickets here!

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