[Watch Now] CRMCOE Salesforce Test Automation Roundtable - Challenges & Benefits

We were honored to be part of the CRMCOE CRM Testing Automation Roundtable Discussion. Richard Clark, Provar’s Chief Innovation Officer joined other experts to discuss the vital need for testing within the Salesforce CRM, common challenges, and benefits. Watch the recording now!

Discussion topics:

  • Why your organization should be testing and when to test
  • Salesforce CRM testing challenges
  • What is test automation
  • The benefits of testing and test automation
  • Statistics and trends
  • How to prepare your organization


  • Velu Palani, Sr. Director, Salesforce Platform & COE Lead, HCSC Corporation
  • Richard Clark,  Chief Innovation Officer, Provar Testing  
  • James Kosmides, Sr. Manager, CRM Systems, T. Rowe Price 
  • Nicki Bang Madsen, Sr. Salesforce Tester, LB Forsikring

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