Office Hours: Product Demonstration Webinars

In our monthly series, Provar brings you our recurring product demo and office hours (aka Q&A).

See a demo of what Provar does with insightful expertise from Cyril Otalora, Director of Solution Engineering. Get answers to questions like Does Provar test dynamic flows? or What keeps Provar tests from breaking with new Salesforce releases?

Watch this space for our next session in January, including a live Q&A session and the ability to request one-on-one time with our Provar experts immediately after the demo to answer any more case-specific questions and share direct insights. Sound like a helpful resource? Have some questions of your own? Bookmark this page and check back for the next scheduled demo.

Dec 21 Webinar

In this month’s episode of Office Hours, Chris Armstrong led a conversation on using the same test cases in different profiles. Cyril Otalora and Zac Taylor explained how we can use API testing, UI testing, and even both in the same test!

Nov 21 Webinar

The first of our series, we talked about parallel updates between Salesforce and Provar. Zac Taylor killed the Q&A by explaining the intuitive nature built into Provar’s test building system.

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