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What is test automation? What are the benefits?

Test automation is when you run tests automatically instead of testing manually, i.e. with a human tester. It can be used in combination with manual testing or in isolation.

The main benefits of test automation are:

  • It reduces manual testing effort
  • It frees up human testers for more interesting and creative testing (e.g. exploratory testing)
  • It increases test execution (i.e. faster testing)
  • It ensures tests are run accurately and consistently
  • It generates reports automatically

For more information take a look at our blog on Salesforce Ben: What is Test Automation and Why Does it Matter?

Isn't test automation more complicated/technical/maintenance-heavy than manual testing?

It depends on the tool. Traditionally, test automation was done by writing code, using a framework like Selenium. You needed programming skills to write those tests and keep them maintained. Without careful management, this could have the downsides you mention.

Provar, instead, is a no-code tool working on point-and-click principles. Anyone can set up, modify and run tests. This reduces the complexity and maintenance problems associated with other tools.

My company uses Salesforce or is currently implementing Salesforce. How can we use test automation?

Short answer: Test automation can be introduced during QA of your initial implementation or after go-live. This depends on your organization.

Long answer: Test automation is commonly used in regression testing, which checks that new system features and changes are compatible with existing functionality and will not break functional processes. This is very relevant to Salesforce customers because the Salesforce platform is designed to support continuous change and improvement, both in your own organization’s specific customizations and in Salesforce’s three releases each year. However, with every deployment comes testing, and regression testing manually can become time-consuming. Many Provar customers use our test automation to run or support this regression testing.


How does Provar work?

Provar is installed on your computer and connected to your Salesforce instance via some system admin user credentials. It accesses your Salesforce metadata so that it can build maintainable tests, avoiding reliance on elements that can change in different Salesforce environments, such as field IDs.

Do I have to be a test engineer/programming expert to use Provar?

No. Provar does not require any knowledge of code to use.

How do I create tests in Provar?

You can build tests in your browser using Provar’s Test Builder (a Chrome application). Tests are built by clicking through a process in Salesforce and adding each step as you go. You can see how the test is shaping up in the Test Builder and make edits at the same time.

What reporting does Provar offer?

Provar can generate reports in PDF or Excel. You can also set it up to run automatically and email you the results, e.g. on a nightly basis. This is done by connecting Provar to your continuous integration system.

Can you use Provar to test processes that go outside Salesforce, e.g. integrations to other systems?

Yes. Provar can be connected up to other systems and supports any web testing. We also support email testing (Gmail, MS Exchange), database testing (Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL), messaging (Websphere MQ) and web services (REST, SOAP).

Can you create tests in a sandbox and run them in a different environment?

Absolutely. Provar avoids using environment-specific information wherever possible (e.g. field IDs as field locators). If you have details that need to change based on the environment, such as a connection to another test system, you can store these centrally. After that you can just select the environment you want to run the test in and Provar will do the rest.

Can you test as multiple users, to check different profile permissions?

Yes. You can just select the test(s) to run and choose which user or users you want to run the tests as. This is similar to Salesforce’s ‘Login As’ function.

Can you run tests automatically, e.g. on a nightly basis?

Yes. Provar can be connected up to your continuous integration system to run your tests automatically and email you a report of results.

Can Provar test Skuid / BMC Remedyforce / ServiceMax / x product?

Yes, we can test Skuid, Remedyforce, ServiceMax and many others. Get in touch below if you have questions about additional products.

Can you test Lightning?

Yes! You can build tests in Classic and run them just the same in Lightning. Get in touch for a demo.

This all sounds great. What does Provar NOT test?


Provar has a lot of capabilities, but it doesn’t test desktop applications. We’d imagine there are ways around this, though, as the tool can be extended by the user in many different ways.


Technical Questions

How does Provar compare with Selenium?

Unlike Selenium, Provar is a no-code tool that works on point-and-click principles.

An independent review also found Provar faster than Selenium in the authoring, debugging, execution and maintenance of tests.

Get in touch for more information.

Is Provar on-premise or cloud-based?

Provar is a standalone application for PC or Mac. This allows Provar to test applications within your firewall. It also means that your data does not need to leave your network.

Can you select a set of tests to be run? Is it possible to change the set of tests to be run?

Yes. Tests can be run individually or by folder.

Does Provar allow specifying parameters which can be picked up at run time without any restart of the application?

Yes. Provar has in-built functions to derive dates and strings and supports the passing of variables throughout a test. It also supports modifying tests mid-execution, where the format will be reflected immediately without the need to restart execution. We find this useful for debugging.

Does Provar work with continuous integration?

Yes. Provar has an ANT task to execute your full test suite. The ANT task can be generated and tested within Provar before being ported to your Virtual Server. Its options include the emailing of results, reporting (PDF or HTML) and selection of browser and screen resolutions.

How does Provar support Test Driven Development (TDD) in Salesforce?

Provar supports TDD and also BDD. Prior to complete functionality being delivered, Provar can be used to test objects, permissions, triggers and validation rules. Once the UI has been delivered these tests can be extended.

Can Provar run tests using test data from an Excel file?

Yes. We also support Data-Driven Testing (DDT) from a database.

Can you integrate with HP ALM?

Yes, a Provar project can be managed within ALM, including test execution. It’s also possible to execute test cases within Provar and to update ALM with the results.

Working With Us

What is Provar’s licensing model?

Provar has Floating licenses and Execution licenses.

A Floating License supports the use of Provar on multiple physical or virtual computers in your network.
The number of concurrent instances of Provar running at any one time may not exceed the number of

An Execution License allows for your Provar tests to be executed via a Continuous Integration/Build
pipeline without impacting your concurrent license pool.

Do you provide free Proofs of Concept for potential customers? What does this require?

Yes, we’re happy to do Proof of Concepts. We just need access to a sandbox and details of 2 test scenarios. We will set up these scenarios based on the information you provide and the customization in your sandbox, and then we play back the results.

This is a free service and holds no obligation. Get in touch to learn more.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, free trials are available. We normally get involved with trial setup as it involves some one-off setup tasks. This just involves pre-configuring your environment connections and configuring a sample test-case.

Contact us to get started.

Do you provide free support to customers?

Yes, we offer unlimited support. We can also provide additional training, managed services and consultancy. Get in touch for more information.

How long does it take to implement Provar?

This depends on the organization, but a trained Provar tester can generally build up to 5 medium-complexity test cases in a day.

Implementations can also be accelerated with dedicated support from our team. A popular option is our 15-day quick start package which includes training in how to use Provar and support in designing and developing your test cases. Our telecoms case study is a good example of the results from this quick start.

Contact us if you’d like to hear more about our training and support packages.

Can you provide references from other customers who are using Provar? What benefits have they realized?

Specific results vary, but in general customers report a reduction in Salesforce test time and effort that ranges from 50% to 98%.

Take a look at our case studies for more information.

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