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Provar helps you test Salesforce better, faster and deeper in a scalable and repeatable model.

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Provar Community Quote: Ramarao K
“During this year we have converted our manual test regression suite having 400+ test cases to an automated test regression suite. We recently renewed for one more year as we are so happy with the tool and the support given by them.”
Rob Arnell testimony with Provar

Provar reviewed on QA Force

Provar was recently reviewed by Rob Arnell, the brains behind the popular Salesforce blog QA Force.

Rob said of Provar, “I would really recommend that Salesforce testing teams reach out to the Provar team to see how they can help introduce automation to your company.”

“Where Provar really excels is in instantly recognising Salesforce elements, like page layouts and objects, making it incredibly easy for a non-technical QA Tester to assist with the creation of automated tests.”

Thank you Rob!

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