Full test reporting

Successful testing and reporting means delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Provar’s flexible and extensive reporting options ensure you’ll get the results you need.
Generating test run reports to PDF and HTML format


Generate customizable test run reports to PDF and HTML, including screenshots, summary graphics and links to test data.

Full testing reporting provides a JUnit.xml report format


Provar outputs a JUnit.xml report when executing under ANT or ProvarDX. This provides details of the tests executed which can be visualized in CI/CD tools using a JUnit plugin such as Allure.

DevOps Ready testing reports

DevOps ready

We’ve partnered with the leading CI/CD Integration and Salesforce release management providers to give you maximum flexibility.

Provar supports Slack, Salesforce and anything you can access in Web Service Endpoint

Results integration

Provar lets you post results back to a number of different solutions including Slack, Salesforce and anything you can access via a Web Service endpoint.

Get real results with Provar

And there’s more

Extendable and customizable

Test Plans
Provar Test Plans let you tailor test runs to test a new release or milestone. You can run a repeatable collection of tests for each release cycle, making global changes to the environment settings such as browser settings, build number and build server. Plus, you can get consolidated reports of your results.
Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
Provar supports Behavior Driven Development in test design and reporting, offering actions such as GIVEN, WHEN and THEN to describe test objectives. These can then be reported on in isolation.
Test run notifications
Provar supports test run notifications so that you can be kept up to date of your latest test results via email or Slack.
Provar Community Quote: Muge H
“We use Provar to automate regression tests and run them in CI on a weekly basis. You can execute your tests in different browsers and mobile browsers in parallel. Clear informative report for each execution and sends notification emails.”
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“We’ve set up daily automation jobs running on Jenkins using Provar’s integration capabilities. By integrating Slack into the Jenkins jobs we get all the automation runs reported to a Slack channel, including pass or fail details. This keeps devs, admins and testers informed of progress.”
Provar Community Quote: Amanda Beard-Neilson
“We chose Provar so we could build a suite of regression tests to support our large implementation journey with Salesforce. We wanted to ensure we didn’t break existing functionality as we added new features. They can set the regression tests to run over night with a group of reports to review in the morning to show successes and test failures to work from.”

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