Intelligent Test Design

Provar has a vast array of features to keep your tests low maintenance and support best practices in test design.
Low maintenance intelligent test design

Low Maintenance

Provar automatically suggests robust field locators which are resistant to cosmetic changes.

Provar helps customers reduce maintenance effort by more than 80% compared to traditional automation.

Data driven test support

Data driven test support

Provar lets you read test data from CSV, Excel, JSON or database connections as part of a looping test step. This helps you test multiple scenarios and permutations rapidly and thoroughly.

UI an API test steps for a highly efficient test design

UI and API Test Steps

Provar combines UI and API steps in the same test for a highly efficient test design.

Salesforce APIs can be used to quickly create, update or delete test data in any object.

Provar supports callable test to encapsulate reusable test

Reusable tests

Provar supports ‘callable’ tests to encapsulate reusable logic across the test suite.

You can build Callable tests once and reference them across multiple tests, maximizing test reuse while minimizing maintenance.

Are you currently using Selenium for your Salesforce testing?

And there’s more

Extendable and customizable

In-sprint automation
In-sprint automation
Provar supports in-sprint automation to identify and address quality issues earlier in the development cycle.
Behavior Driven Development
Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
Provar supports Behavior Driven Development in test design and reporting, offering actions such as GIVEN, WHEN and THEN to describe test objectives. These can then be reported on in isolation.
Looping and conditional test pallete flow
Looping and conditional flow
Provar lets you loop a sequence of test steps using For-Each or While. You can also control execution based on runtime conditions with options such as If and Switch statements.
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“The Provar test cases execute 3-12 times faster compared to Selenium, and as an important bonus our tests are much more resilient to changes in the UI.”
“If we used another tool then we’d need to do lot of rework to handle Salesforce changes. Provar handles Salesforce changes very easily so our rework has been less. It has a powerful feature of metadata by which it handles all the changes. We can run the same script on multiple environments and with multiple users.”
“Perfect tool for Salesforce automation. Easy to use and setup with Salesforce. Provar grabs the metadata from Salesforce org. This means we do not need to change the xpath manually whenever there is some change in Salesforce pages.”

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