Create one Salesforce test. Deploy it worldwide.

Do you have teams deployed across the globe? If you take advantage of Salesforce’s ability to switch the UI to your preferred language of choice, you need to be able to test each and every org and language.

Simplify multi-language testing 

With Provar Internationalization support, you don’t have to build and maintain separate regression tests for different languages. We automate that for you!

Create reusable, automated Salesforce tests 

With Provar, your QA teams can actually create a single, reusable test in Salesforce in their native language and execute that same test across other languages too. 

10 supported languages

English, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swedish and Japanese (Beta).

Download the Internationalization White Paper

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“Provar is one of the easiest tools to automate Salesforce testing.”
“After looking at the market and deciding that Provar was the way forward, I asked for a generic demo for the wider project and test teams – wow, were they impressed… so much so that they wished we had investigated this solution earlier.”

One test. Many languages.

Internationalization Demo

Provar Internationalization support FAQ

How does Provar help with Salesforce multilingual testing?

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