Salesforce Testing in Life Science

The first Salesforce testing automation in life sciences. Powering your digital transformation with repeatable and manageable test automation

Built for life sciences

Tailored to meet your needs

  1. Avoids downtime
    Provar proactively identifies issues before they affect end users, helping you avoid downtime and mitigate risk.
  2. Adheres to regulatory requirements
    Provar adheres to HIPAA and adapts flexibly to regulatory reporting and compliance requirements.
  3. Secure access to data
    Provar helps ensure systems work to a high quality to ensure data security and appropriate access controls.
User in Healthcare
“As a global healthcare company, our Service Cloud testing was consuming high cost and effort after each new Salesforce release. With Provar we reduced our regression testing time from 108 hours down to just 6, an overall reduction of 94%.”
Provar Community Quote: Jeff Kallenbach
“After looking at the market and deciding that Provar was the way forward, I asked for a generic demo for the wider project and test teams – wow, were they impressed… so much so that they wished we had investigated this solution earlier.”

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