Who is Provar Manager for?

Provar Manager’s familiar UX and easy setup are perfect for adding structure and record-keeping to manual testing processes. Our tool was created for everyone from the most experienced to those individuals or organizations just starting the work in testing.

For QA teams integrating test automation and project planning, defect tracking and DevOps tools, Provar Manager is the ideal hub for testing execution, reporting, and analysis.

From helping individuals and small teams build out organization and structure within their manual testing to providing enterprise QA groups with a platform to continuously fine-tune their processes and improve release quality, Provar Manager is the answer.


  • Looking for more flexibility and extensibility
  • Seeking speed and automation
  • Wanting more connectivity
  • Searching for a better way to manage tests

Devops Engineers

  • Using either Salesforce partner and general release management tools
  • Who want to include QA testing and reporting in their CI/CD pipelines
  • Seeking integrated QA

Business Analysts

  • Identifying as a “citizen tester”
  • Looking for a platform that is simple to use and understand
  • Wanting easy access to, better visibility for, and streamlined communication around reporting and analytics


  • Who only test Apex or LWCs
  • Who wonder if changes will break declarative or UI components
  • Seeking a faster feedback loop


  • Serving as a do-it-all one-person QA team
  • Managing users, integrations, and reporting
  • Looking for ad hoc testing optimization
  • Mitigating release risk and resource management


  • Who don’t yet have visibility or metrics on QA
  • With low confidence that releases won’t break elements in production
  • Who want to keep users happy
  • Looking for better visibility and increased confidence

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