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Cut testing effort

3 months, 75% effort saved

“Provar is setting the standard for Salesforce testing.” — Mala Punyani, Test Architect at Splunk 

Chandra Alahari introducing Canada Drives at Dreamforce 2019.

Accelerate delivery

4x faster delivery cycle

“Before we implemented Provar’s test automation, we used to carry out 1 deployment every 2 weeks. With Provar, we can carry out multiple deployments every week, at least 2 per week.” — Chandra Alahari, QA Automation Engineer at Canada Drives

Minimize disruption

User reported errors fall by 56%

Alm. Brand noted a 56% reduction in user-reported errors after adopting Provar. In addition, the number of hotfixes in production was halved compared to when they had been using Selenium.

Reduce maintenance

33 hours saved every month

Canada Drives reduced their automation maintenance effort by more than 80% after adopting Provar, a saving of 33 hours every month. 

Provar reviewed on QA Force

Provar was recently reviewed by Rob Arnell, the brains behind the popular Salesforce blog QA Force.

Rob said of Provar, “I would really recommend that Salesforce testing teams reach out to the Provar team to see how they can help introduce automation to your company.”

“Where Provar really excels is in instantly recognising Salesforce elements, like page layouts and objects, making it incredibly easy for a non-technical QA Tester to assist with the creation of automated tests.”

Thank you Rob!

“At ENGIE Energie we have accelerated our DevOps process by running testcases for each build automatically so that we receive warnings of broken functionality continuously and therefore are able to maintain a high quality standard for our Salesforce implementation.”
“After looking at the market and deciding that Provar was the way forward, I asked for a generic demo for the wider project and test teams – wow, were they impressed… so much so that they wished we had investigated this solution earlier.”
“If your organization wants to achieve codeless Salesforce test automation and wants to quickly automate test cases without much effort in setting up a test automation framework, Provar would be the best tool for you.”
“We chose Provar so we could build a suite of regression tests to support our large implementation journey with Salesforce. We wanted to ensure we didn’t break existing functionality as we added new features. Provar functionality is visually friendly, allowing testers to build and run tests direct from the UI.”
“Provar is a great tool for testing Salesforce. It’s very tightly coupled with the Salesforce UI and customisations. This means that I don’t have to write tests starting from a pure HTML perspective.”

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