Provar vs manual testing

Why choose Provar?

Provar helps you make Salesforce better with repeatable and manageable test automation. Read on to find out the benefits of switching to Provar from manual testing.

Provar vs manual testing

Why automate with Provar?

  1. Save time and cost
    Drastically reduce your testing overhead. Provar helps reduce your testing effort by up to 90% in the first quarter.
  2. Deliver higher quality
    Catch bugs before they disrupt your users. Provar helps customers catch and resolve issues 5x faster.
  3. Accelerate delivery
    Testing is no longer a blocker to delivery. Provar helps you accelerate your release cycle by 4x.
Muge H Community testimony on Provar
“I have been working with Provar last couple of months. It is a very powerful tool for Salesforce automation. It is very easy to learn even for people who don’t have technical background. They provide Quick Start Handbook that is easy to follow and learn the tool.”
Nicki B, a QA Test Engineer testimonial wtih Provar
“The customer service and the feeling that they listen to the client. so far we haven’t asked a question without getting an reply on the same day.”
Provar Community Quotes: Keir Bowden
“Provar is a great tool for testing Salesforce. It’s very tightly coupled with the Salesforce UI and customisations. This means that I don’t have to write tests starting from a pure HTML perspective.”
Provar Community Quote: Amanda Beard-Neilson
We chose Provar so we could build a suite of regression tests to support our large implementation journey with Salesforce. We wanted to ensure we didn’t break existing functionality as we added new features. Provar functionality is visually friendly, allowing testers to build and run tests direct from the UI.
Provar Community Quotes: Venkat A
“Quite pleased with the point and click framework of the tool and the ease with which test cases can be produced and maintained. Ability to integrate it into CICD process for a full blown devops framework.”

How does it work?

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“Provar is setting the standard for Salesforce test automation.”
Have a better Salesforce value with Provar

Better Salesforce value

We help keep your Salesforce quality high and prevent disruption to your users, meaning better user experience and satisfaction. 

100% coverage on deep Salesforce supports

100% coverage

Provar combines deep Salesforce support with end to end testing capabilities, meaning full coverage of your business processes in Salesforce and beyond.

Provar stay ahead of new releases and features of Salesforce

Always release ready

We stay ahead of new releases and features so you have total confidence we’ll always be able to support your needs.

our automation testing is active in pilot programs testings versus manual automation


We invest time in understanding Salesforce and participating in pilot programs so you always get the latest information on Salesforce’s next move.

Find out what makes Provar different

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