Provar vs Selenium

Why choose Provar?

Provar helps you make Salesforce testing better with automation that’s repeatable and manageable. Read on to find out the benefits of switching to Provar from Selenium.
Provar has better Salesforce value vs Selenium

Better Salesforce value

We help you keep your Salesforce quality high and catch issues before they happen. By preventing disruption to your users, we help you achieve a better user experience and greater user satisfaction. 

If Provar vs Selenium, Provar offers deep Salesforce support with full end to end testing capabilities

360° coverage

Provar combines deep Salesforce support with full end to end testing capabilities, meaning total coverage of your business processes in Salesforce and beyond.

Provar stays ahead of new releases and features when compared to Selenium

Release ready, all the time

Provar stays ahead of new releases and features so you have full confidence we’ll always be able to support your needs.

Our Salesforce roadmap and engaging in pilot is ahead vs Selenium


We invest time understanding the Salesforce roadmap and engaging in pilot programs. With Provar’s help you’ll always be in the know about Salesforce’s next move.

Provar vs Selenium

Why automate with Provar?

  1. Rapid automation
    Provar’s intuitive, no-code solution makes it easy for your team to get up and running fast.
  2. Low maintenance
    Provar’s automation is robust and reliable. Selenium users reduce maintenance effort by more than 80% after switching to Provar.
  3. High coverage
    Provar has in-depth support across Salesforce features and clouds. Includes hard-to-test features like Lightning Web Components, Consoles and Visualforce.

How does it work?

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“We are very pleased with Provar. We found it easy to set up and use and we’ve seen a significant reduction in our Salesforce regression testing time since its adoption. Our ability to detect and respond rapidly to issues has been greatly improved.”

Find out what makes Provar different

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