ProvarDX™ is the first test automation solution tailor-made for Salesforce DX teams. ProvarDX™ and Salesforce DX can be used together to generate a scratch org, push the latest Salesforce customizations and run Provar tests to get functional testing insights.
improve test automation for Salesforce DX teams with Provar

Dramatically improve test automation for Salesforce DX teams

Execute any Provar test through the Salesforce command line interface and reuse test plans to execute them against any of your environments without needing customization.

Implementing test automation in Salesforce development cycle

Implement test automation earlier in the development cycle 

Radically simplify running regression and smoke tests in scratch orgs and move past manual regression testing to enterprise-level test automation.

Accelerate your move to agile with Provar

Accelerate your move to agile, source-driven development

Reduce testing overhead and maintenance with complete integration throughout the Salesforce DevOps stack.

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“Provar and ProvarDX™ have enabled us to accelerate our DevOps process and maintain a high-quality standard for our Salesforce implementation.”

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