Here’s a glimpse
of the strategic initiatives within ProvarLabs.

Launch moon-shot projects and front load failures:

Innovation is all about experimentation and thinking big, so we will explore innovative technologies like A.I, blockchain, cloud, and edge computing, among others, to launch moon-shot projects for our customers.

maturity management:

We will manage innovation as a portfolio to ensure a smooth, seamless process from ideation to delivery and support.

Fostering a culture
of innovation:

Innovation across the ecosystem will be nurtured as part of our culture, with tactical tools such as design thinking, brown bag sessions, and Hackathons.

Evangelizing innovation inside and outside our organization:

We will also promote innovation amongst our team members, community, and users so that we can make and break the mold in a decentralized, open, and transparent fashion.

We have already embarked
on some exciting missions.

We plan on driving innovation forward the only way we know how: by having fun, relying on our community, and sourcing input from a diverse range of creative minds. This will include innovative blog and video content, community brown bag sessions, tech-forward additions to Provar offerings, Hackathons – team events where employees come together to focus and collaborate on improving or creating usable pieces of software or service – and more.

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Want to test ProvarLabs prototypes, or have the next big idea?

ProvarLabs is looking for customer volunteers! We are always testing out exciting prototypes and would honor your input. If interested in becoming a tester, or if you would like to submit an idea for a prototype, please subscribe below and we will be in touch.