Provar ROI Calculator

To calculate your return on investment, begin with the first section below. The information entered therein will automatically populate corresponding fields in the other sections. You will be able to move from section to section to add and/or adjust values to best reflect your organization and process.

This ROI calculator will give a probabilistic saving value in regards to manual testing effort and automation maintenance with the use of Provar.

How many environments/sandboxes are under the purview of testing?

Dev, QA and Production for Sales cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud etc.

How many test cases do you run with each cycle?

Count of regression test cases. One test case would be upto 10 test steps from login, main business function to logout.

How many releases do you perform in an average month?

Total count of development releases+patch releases

How much regression coverage would you like to perform with every release?

Percentage of Regression performed with every release


Total number of Salesforce releases in a year

Summer, Winter and Spring Platform level releases.


Total number of Chrome/Chromedriver releases in a year

Cross browser testing is not added here

Total projected savings in the first year.
Number of manual testing hours saved in a year
Average 36 dollar per hour rate for a manual tester
If you are building a vanilla open source oriented test automation framework (Example: Using Selenium/Playwright etc.), then you would have to maintain approximately 40% of the tests for each realease. Provar utilizes Metadata and maintains the tests for Chromedriver/Salesforce releases (Monorail and BST).
Average 40 dollar per hour rate for an automation engineer

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