Salesforce admins / QA

Tired of manual testing?

Provar lets you automate your testing so you can get on with other work. Provar’s simple, no-code solution makes it easy to get up and running quickly.

How does it work?

Automation that makes an impact

  1. Reduce manual testing
    Provar helps you significantly reduce your testing overhead. Provar customers reduce their testing effort by up to 90% in the first quarter.
  2. Rapid adoption
    Provar’s intuitive and simple design makes you effective from day one. With Provar you can build your first test case in minutes.
  3. No fuss
    Provar helps you build tests right first time. By automatically suggesting the right options, Provar helps you reduce maintenance effort by more than 80% compared to traditional automation.
Salesforce admins and QA no code automation solution

No Code Solution

Provar’s Test Builder helps you to build test cases quickly and simply via the browser. With Test Builder you can add build up test cases in a natural and streamlined way, authoring and debugging as you go.

Combining both UI and API testing in full business processes in Salesforce

End to End Testing

Provar helps you test your full business processes in Salesforce and beyond.

With Provar you can combine both UI and API testing actions to deliver total coverage.

DevOps Compatibility

DevOps Compatibility

Provar lets you integrate testing throughout your DevOps cycle.

Provar supports test design integrations, Salesforce release management providers, CI/CD vendors and remote execution environments.

Here in Provar, we help you customize flexible reporting that supports PDF, HTML and JUnit

Flexible Reporting

Generate and customize Provar’s reporting options to ensure you’ll get the results you need.

Provar supports PDF, HTML and JUnit along with results integration to Slack, Salesforce and any Web Service endpoint.

New to test automation? See how Provar could help.

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